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  1. Already ?

    Seems sensible to me really. They want to get folk out of the "walk-up" mentality. So offer discounts to early purchases in the hope of being able to post the sellout signs. Once games are regularly selling out early that drives demand to start buying early and then they can start cutting back on the level of the discount available.
  2. Burgess leaves Bath

    Very good, I shall have to remember these definitions for future reference!
  3. In fairness he was talking to a Scottish newspaper so his answers will be tailored to the audience.
  4. Are either of these actually confirmed, as there's nothing in the press releases? I'd assume it's shared Challenge Cup and Internationals on BBC as currently.
  5. To those who think the system is too complex, we've just had a World Cup that used a rather contrived system. It delivered close, meaningful games, which is what I reckon this new system will do too.
  6. Is it wrong to say I'm rather excited by this format and think it will be good for the game?
  7. Winners are grinners

    I do not look like that.
  8. Rugby League World - England Expects!

    Overall I rather like the changes in layout etc. A good issue I'd say, I enjoyed scanning through it, with plenty to read in more detail over the next few days. :-)
  9. An interesting idea

    "What is good for rugby league is often not what's good for Australia... Amen to that!
  10. Since this thread is still on the front page will add to it... Castleford Stobart going though the centre of Paisley just before 8am with a Magic Weekend advert on the back.
  11. Sporting Life have teh Huddersfield attendance as 6928. I assume that SKy simply made a mistake, though last night I was breifly incredibly impressed at the sudden growth in Huddersfield's crowds!
  12. I've seen about 10 SL branded wagons now, mostly on the M74 or motorways around Glasgow and the central belt. I've seen at least one every lenthy motorway journey I've done since the deal was signed. Obviosuly I have been "lucky" but it may be the case that they are targetting Scotland to some extent?
  13. That's not a fair comparison. The club's "guaranteed salary" is the telly money from Sky, £60k is pocket money in comparison.
  14. My point was that £60k is hardly a massive amount, it's not as if we've turned down mega-bucks to go with some daft lorry-painting idea. The Stobart deal isn't perfect, but with work to sell the other sponsorship oppurtunities that would have been excluded by taking the Betfair deal should bring in more in terms of total cash and other benfits. There's a new amrketing guy just in place at the RFL, it's up to him to deliver now.