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  1. Gates

    Cas had a lot bigger following than Wigan brought to us too. Be interesting to see how many tickets we sold in end and how many Wigan sold. I had to get 3 more tickets before kickoff and fans was queuing in club shop for them. Atleest 3 quarters of the southstand was rams supporters and the seating area was majority rams fans. Behind the posts was mainly all Wigan though. I'd say crowd was probs around 1400 rams 1600 Wigan
  2. Good Luck!

    Il be sending mine to glen on twitter tmora but good luck lads! Just get stuck in to them in defence like we did v fev at home and play your hearts out.. That's all we can ask.. UTR
  3. Party atmosphere ideas v wigan

    So far a supporter as purchased 100 red 100 amber and 100 black balloons for the match which will be pumped by roger the ram. Plastic horns for the kids and blow up sheep are also considerd to order. I recommend or appeal for everyone who as flags to all bring them and put them up like the Barmy army do and also recommend we all get to the match as early as poss so that from the middle of the southstand is our spot and to make sure the Wigan supporters don't get our spot as standing in the southstand will be restricted for this match so don't lose your spot- get there early! This got me thinking though, any other supporters got any ideas to make it a real party atmosphere? Be great of the club could sort a local band out to play but does anybody know one and would the club be up for it? Ps. A bottle bar in the southstand would also be good for this match as a one off... Don't lose easy money rams- sort it out please . Youl be amazed how many people lose hope of getting a pint at match when we get a big crowd- loses easy money so get some plastic bottles sold from badger bar like they do at batley
  4. Bus to rochdale

    Anyone wanting to come on coach to Rochdale please private message us and let me know and il try sort it all out.
  5. Stadium developments

    Dewsbury Rams are currently working through the process of a small grant application to support the plans to open up the area behind the South Stand inside the stadium footprint into a more meaningful area. At the moment the space is a “cold” uninspiring, tarmac yard with no shelter (but with toilets and refreshment facilities already in place) and the plan is to transform this area into an imaginative outdoor performance and picnic area under a sculptured canopy where local bands and neighbourhood arts groups can perform free of charge. It will enhance the match day provision and also provide a suitable area for use with the new community sports facilities which will be built adjacent to the stadium as well as a focal point for other outdoor community activities. The improvements just continue!!! Big well done to club! Hope all gets done. The last few seasons iv been one of the fans to criticize the club off the field but I can't knock the club one bit in the last 4 or 5 months! What an amazing effort and imsure all fans recognise the big improvements made. All these improvements will only make the club grow on the local community and surely help attract new fans and families to return to the rams. The futures bright at dewsbury and I honestly think the buzz is back which asnt been there the last 2 or 3 seasons
  6. matthew haggerty

    Exactly coolie, but he ended up a decent player. Like haggerty could be for us. Just making a point to the haven and barrow fans that just because his time in Cumbria didn't work out, it doesn't mean it won't at dewsbury .
  7. matthew haggerty

    It's also worth noting that once upon a time out own fans at dewsbury didn't rate Leeds second row ian Kirke when at the rams as a youngster. He's ended up being at Leeds years and won many honours with them. Maybe he just needed a new challenge with a closer to home club and a coach that as faith in him ?
  8. matthew haggerty

    Exactly jimmy, wel judge him in a dews shirt. Maybe the long traveling from Leigh to Cumbria was part of reason he struggled to make an impact? Not exactly a short journey to have to do every week and then do 80 minutes graft
  9. matthew haggerty

    He's enjoying himself at dewsbury though , don't think he was happy the last couple of seasons. I think he's been one of our best forwards so far , if not the best. Although maka was awesome Sunday. Defo doesn't shy away from work or a fight which will make him a crowd favourite
  10. Stadium developments

    Doubt they would be any point in that though if the development goes ahead Bolton ram. The new car park is going to be behind the grass banking so any development in the area you suggest would probably just be a waste of money
  11. Stadium developments

    The new stand actually holds over 1500 I'm lead to believe, not sure what the capacity of it is though but it is over 800
  12. Stadium developments

    . Not even worth this reply!
  13. Stadium developments

    Think they maybe doing that to complete the job fully?
  14. Slammin Sam!

    Anybody seen slammin Sam about Sam burgess story? If you follow Garry schofield on twitter he's retweeted the link. A really good 45 minute video, nice to see Sam in a dewsbury shirt too as a kid. Really good watch, recommend you all watch it. Like how Russell Crowe runs his club, we could certainly follow his lines as fans and make our club an even better family club on and off it!
  15. Let me know, soon as pos, still a few seats left.