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  1. roosterbooster

    After the NRC Final

    Once the hooter goes at the end of the game, are the coaches returning straight back or is there time for a celebratory/consolation drink before returning? Will the Atrium be open on return?
  2. roosterbooster


    I know that at the time of buying my tickets for the NRC final, I could have paid for a breakfast on Sunday morning as well. Does anyone know if you can just turn up and pay on the morning, for what will no doubt be a feast for kings? Or do I have to make do with my cornflakes at home?
  3. roosterbooster

    Fev V Hunslet - Match Photos

    Good photos! Especially the one of Anthony England rampaging down the pitch - and me in the background, the only idiot stood on his feet lol
  4. roosterbooster

    A chant for Greg Worthington

    At the Batley game, my young 'un said to me: "You know what, the 'ba boom ba boom, gerr in to 'em' chant, could easily be turned into 'ba boom ba boom Greg Worthington'" He's right. And Greg has been playing out of his skin this season. So how about it? BA BOOM BA BOOM, GREG WORTHINGTON!
  5. roosterbooster

    Radio Coverage of todays game

    I unfortunately can't make todays game. Is there any coverage of the game on radio, other than the usual West Yorkshire Sport programme on Radio Leeds which doesn't broadcast until 3pm? Ta