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  1. PhillH

    Trust Statement

    Well said. Whilst it can be very challenging in light of people having other jobs and commitments to attend to, it is by being proactive that the Trust can add real value and help progress things in a positive direction from the perspective of the supporters and the Swinton community. I just hope whatever new management / investment scenario does emerge it will be respectful of the heritage and identity of the club and have a vision for the future that will nuture these things. It would be nice to see potential new owners be broad minded enough to seek out a meaningful dialogue with the Trust, as it would be bad business for them to take the club in a direction that may alienate yet more potential supporters. On the other hand, the club hasn't achieved anything like its full potential for some time, so there is good business to be done by positively harnessing the passion for the Lions that still burns in many people despite the 20 years of exile. But there's no escaping the bottom line that whilst the potential is there for Swinton Lions to be a perfectly sustainable and successful club at least at Championship level, achieving the brand's full potential needs a fit-for-purpose home venue and a lot of work.
  2. PhillH

    Manchester Rangers

    An interesting development is reported on by David Burke in today's League Express: Chris Irwin, RL Development Manager Phil Fitton and "3 businessmen" have apparently applied to join Championship One in 2015 as Manchester Rangers. The prospective home ground is the new stadium planned for Belle Vue, echoes of Belle Vue Rangers. It appears Manchester City Council are supporting the venture.