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  1. shades2

    A Massive Thank You

    Could not make the game yesterday, but Mrs Shades got a programme and saw the very kind words written by James Ford regards my illness. Cannot thank him enough and also the players and staff for their card, and also to thank Guildfords for their support, and that from regular fans (Rammo, Deano, Steve, Chris etc) and most of all Mrs Shades. Thanks Colin & Pauline
  2. shades2

    admission price sunday

    Referee v Hunslet - W Turley - might have got a good one for a change
  3. shades2

    New loan signing

    Jordan Crowther back from Wakey on a months loan - good player
  4. shades2

    Knights 56 Gloucester 14

    Exactly - winning team playing entertaining rl really deserve so much more support - some people need to move on and get back to supporting the team if they really are rugby league people instead of just pretending they are just to continuously moan and harp back about 10 years etc... Elvis MOM for me yesterday with Danny Nicklas not far behind along with probably 12 others
  5. shades2

    Knights 40 Scorpions 6

    Fair point about the kicking from hand yesterday Andy but his pass timing is brilliant most of the time
  6. shades2

    Knights 40 Scorpions 6

    Good 1st half - poor 2nd half, Tonker MOM for me, Danny Nick, Tyler & Kris went well, just seem to go away from the game plan 2nd half and did individual stuff on a day when semi final team places were up for grabs. For me, Ed Smith, Spiers, Turner, Elvis and Morland all need to be back in next week
  7. shades2

    Knight Army

    Count us in
  8. shades2

    Today's Game

    Very professional performance on Sunday although we maybe dropped off a bit in the 2nd half, good turn out of Knights fans yet again, looking forward to Friday night and it will be interesting to see who Fordy picks as no-one has let the side down when given their chance.
  9. shades2

    Hornets v Knights katest

    Another outstanding performance from 1 to 17 - Danny Nicklas my MOM 2nd week running but everyone in the frame, and another great turn out by the Knights faithful. Not going to bother raking over the past but if you want to see RL played as it should be get down & watch
  10. shades2

    Greg Minikin

    Here, here - very impressed with all he did
  11. shades2

    Next round of cup

    You're right there - so next 4 games are Donny away, Rochdale away, Hemel away and Dewsbury away
  12. shades2

    Donny away Friday 3pm

    You would hope not but supposedly Jason Tali (ex Newcastle Thunder last year) arrives Wednesday & could be involved - see Donny have quite a few injuries also
  13. shades2

    Donny away Friday 3pm

    Referee: C Straw - hope he's not the last....
  14. shades2

    Keighley at home Sunday 3pm

    See next round of Cup is weekend 16/17th April so Coventry at home will have to be re-arranged
  15. shades2

    Keighley at home Sunday 3pm

    Have a look at the Keighley team sheet - we didn't play all that well in spells but our defence will mostly brilliant against a team with match winners all over the field so give our lads more credit than the above. I was critical of some stupid off loads when we should have been closing the game out, spoke to Fordy afterwards and as he said, its sometimes harder to stop doing those things than actually doing them