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  1. Welcome to the Lions den George Tyson.
  2. Grant Gore playing for Wigan v St Helens reserves today.Anyone know if it's Swinton's Gore and If it is,will he be playing two days running?
  3. Good draw for Swinton some tough matches elsewhere,a cracker with Bradford v Featherstone.
  4. A very good point for Swinton from a poor game by all accounts,onwards and upwards c'mon you lions.Hope everyone's got their super 8s tickets bought.
  5. What a great list of names to bring back memories of my first years of watching Swinton,middle sixties onwards.Also how many I played with at folly lane who made it into the Swinton team during the seventies.
  6. Thanks will set off nice and early.

    Summer Bash

    Hope it's not just you, me and the wife then RIGGY.
  8. If Marwan Koukash gets his way and Super League breaks from the Rugby Football League ,is promotion and relegation again about to be dumped?
  9. Well done Oldham and Toulouse-Very little Sky money but still get the results.What would it be like with a level playing field?
  10. Blue Monkey,Chris 26.I also prefer the rugby i watched in my formative years,early 60's and played late 60's and 70's. The 36 film In my opinion,not right or wrong looked like a game of R U,catch and kick, hacking on at the ruck and trying to catch a bouncing ball unsuccessfully.As for the game that has evolved today,which some people call running through brick wall rugby,I get great excitement and pleasure watching this young lions team give all they've got for the jersey and club. Ps Station Rd did look great, happy days. C'mon you lions.
  11. Great nostalgia,but glad the games are not played like that today.
  12. How did the attendance stand up against the last two home games?Hope we're attracting some fans from the local area. The game was a fantastic effort from the whole team,players and coaching staff in a game that could have gone either way.
  13. Back to 3 o'clock this Sunday.

    Heywood Rd

    It's street parking around the ground,but some have parking schemes so watch out.
  15. Thanks Roughyedz,thought it was just my devices at first.
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