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  1. Swinton did it in one season. It would be silly to throw stupid money around in C1 this season, mainly because Toronto will surely be well ahead of the rest. That leaves one spot for promotion in what will effectively be a knockout competition. It would make more sense to do just what you're doing now, get a young, local team with a few experienced heads. Go for it next season but build for the future. IMO, 2018 would be a perfect season to get promoted (not ruling out 2017), as a much more stable club.
  2. Don't forget Swinton, Oldham and Dewsbury all won 2/3 games against the Eagles last season...and that was (mainly) before the financial issues became public. Haven and Town also beat them once each. It's too early to be making any predictions on 2017.
  3. Chris Hankinson and Anthony Bate from Barrow.
  4. We look forward to seeing you at Station Road, Swinton, in next year's championship... It has happened to other teams, don't worry about that.
  5. Call the missing persons helpline and let them know we found the Haven fans.
  6. Yes you can. And I hope you do as a Swinton fan, as it would mean you beating Haven next week!
  7. Our most consistent performers. Atkin, Hand, Robbo, Thornley, Lloyd and Dwyer are already signed up. I'd love to see Marshall and Hallett sign up as their partnership has been brilliant. TBH, i'd probably like to see the whole squad sign up, unless we can guarantee improvements are coming in from elsewhere. We will have a bigger budget next season after all.
  8. Swinton would need a result at Haven in that scenario. Or a point against either Bradford or Halifax to be safe going into the Haven game. Let's hope it doesn't come to that eh.
  9. I didn't think we were great today. Lots of mistakes from both sides. Town looked pretty clueless in attack, probably due to their injury situation. Both sides gave everything and we had a good enough first half to take the win. Hard to give a MOM but I'd probably go for Andy Thornley if I had to choose, he put in a huge shift today. But as I said, everyone contributed to our game plan and defensive structure. No idea why Town didnt kick for goal with about 6 seconds left in the first half, an example of their poor organisation today. That would have put them 4 points behind us after their 2nd half try and made it fairly pointless for us to go for our drop goal. Ifs and buts for them. A solid victory, pure hard work and determination and I'm proud of all the Lions tonight. We're almost safe.
  10. 2 points off the semi finals and you think you can make it with 14 points to play for?! Some crazy talk there Oldham fans...
  11. As strange as it seems, expect the majority of us Swinton fans to be cheering you on tomorrow even though it could see you finish above us after the regular season. What a massive day of Championship rugby, it's excellent to be a part of it! Good luck for tomorrow.
  12. Go down there and take a deep breath to see if you can tell the difference!
  13. Our lads have got a point to prove after the last few weeks and I expect a close game at weekend. A win for the Lions could also be massively important in order to secure Championship rugby for 2017 and so this game holds just as much for both teams. Batley have had a wonderful season and I'd personally love to see them in the middle 8s...but not if that involves beating the Lions on Sunday. Here's to a good game, one in the spirit of RL.
  14. The bottom two after the 8's go down. Points are carried over from the regular season so Town and Haven will begin the 8s in the bottom two.
  15. Heywood Road, Sale it is chaps. Be careful if you're planning to travel via train and tram as there are no trams going through the centre of Manchester atm. So if you arrive at Piccadilly you'll have to get a train to Deansgate and then catch the tram to Brooklands, or just walk it to Deansgate, it's not too far.