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    There will be some great battles between the packs next year. Will be great to watch.
  2. I would imagine that split is based on the current TV money. With the increase I hope and expect this to be looked at again come 2017
  3. I see The capacity has been cut at Wakefield's Stadium. Now only just over 5k.
  4. When did Wakey stop being a small club? I must have missed it.
  5. That would imply that they are interested in paying for the Championship in the new structure.
  6. Surely not? People have posted numerous times on here that sky have no interest in the Championship.
  7. Great news. Good to see the Championship back on Sky. Shows that Sky are more than happy with the new structure.
  8. The clubs would have already been rewarded by receiving higher central funding and having a higher salary cap than the teams they are about to take on.
  9. The split wouldn't change the funding the club gets for that season so it shouldn't affect the contract. If they don't qualify for SL this may have an impact for the following season.
  10. The Halifax chairman has a different outlook towards the change. He has said "It’s what we wanted; we believe it provides the game with a platform from which to move forward,” and “You could have a bad year this year and still be able to move forward, but it will be a lot easier to progress and get ready for 2015 if you are successful this season.” People from the same division having a different out look with regards to the changes. It may be Aston is against it as his club has shown they have been the best for the past couple of years with a very small salary cap. These changes could impact that.
  11. How do they receive now? In the future they will all receive £75k.
  12. Still a massive improvement on what they receive now.
  13. Which would draw a bigger crowd Bradford v Salford in a end of season SL fixture or Bradford v Fax where promotion / Relegation is at stake?
  14. And with that comment you have lost the little bit of credibility you had.
  15. I agree. However, I can't remember licensing or the giving of grading etc being scrutinised in much detail by the RL press though. I could be wrong.