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  1. First of all, Congratulations to all at the club on the remarkable achievement of finishing third in the league and securing a place in the "Middle Eights" and a chance to test ourselves against the likes of the Leeds Rhinos and Hull KR. It's been a wonderful effort by all concerned and it's been a pleasure to watch the team this season. Now, I don't want to put a downer on things and I know we run a tight ship etc. etc. But now is where the hard work begins...... Off the field. After the failure to capitalise on our Grand Final appearance in 2013 we have a real opportunity to progress the club and get some real momentum going. I do hope that the club does all it can to maximise exposure and revenue over the next 2 months. Ticket Prices: I notice both Featherstone and Leigh are increasing ticket prices for the Super 8s. Will we be doing the same. Hull KR are offering 3 game packages. I feel this would be a good Idea for those without season tickets. This would allow us to maximise income from away supporters and allow any returning/new Batley supporters to save by attending all 3 home games. (Offer Bradford season ticket holders cheap entry...I'm sure it would make the papers). The fixtures haven't fallen as good as they could have and ironically a 4th placed finish would have yielded better home games, (from a commercial point of view) but we must step up a gear and get as many people up to t'mount as possible. Sell shirts cheaper, people will buy them for 7 games if they're reduced. Produce Middle 8 Tee Shirts?? Get posters/fixtures in every shop in town. Entertainment at the ground. The live bands always seem to keep people back after the game making money at the bar. I hope I don't come across as negative, I just don't want the club to be looking back at this as a missed opportunity come October. I know we have 2 away games first up so we have a little longer to sort things out and hopefully the club are already on it.