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Found 1 result

  1. Maximus Decimus

    The Culture Wars

    I've noticed that in a number of threads what is sometimes loosely called 'The Culture Wars' comes up and I've found whenever there is an item worth discussing that is linked to it, it doesn't have its own place for discussion and often ends up in the rant thread. Originally, the term Culture Wars referred to America and the split between conservatives and liberals about the future direction of the country. Nowadays it is sometimes used when talking about the clear split between what at one end are often referred to as SJWs and at the other the alt-right with a spectrum in-between. The disputes are often around race, gender, LGBTQ issues, political correctness, Islam, free speech, identity politics, sex, gaming etc. I'm not really a fan of the term Culture Wars but I can't think of a better term to describe what has occurred over the last few years and what often seems to dominate so much of what we read and what we see on TV. The first I came across it was as a follower of the YouTube Atheist community when an almost exclusively left-leaning group split in the most acrimonious way initially over the safety of women at conferences. This is why I've never seen it as a traditional split between left and right. It it more a split from people initially on the left, many of whom have since drifted to the right because of it. I've commented before that I don't understand why thinking SJWs are crazy leads you to the conclusion that the government should tax you as little as possible. It is only more recently that the traditional right wing have come in and tried to ally themselves with anti-SJWs. It might seem quite trivial but I think it is important and was a significant reason for Trump's election for instance. I saw a number of times in articles and on YouTube this idea that Trump was the ultimate antidote to SJW style politics. It was of course an act of unbelievable stupidity to think Trump was the answer to anything, but I genuinely don't think many people wrapped up in this style of politics understand just how despised it is. It also explains much of the reaction that we see to recent movements around sexual harrassment and BAME rights etc because they often fit within this wider Culture War. These movements have often not come as out of the blue as they might seem and often have roots in battles that have been raging for years. I personally and predictably sit somewhere in the middle but it doesn't seem like there are many of us. I intensely dislike the obsession we see with race and gender and instead of trying to see past it, it is the focus for everything. I also think they take things to their most ludicrous extremes which is why we see articles calling Paw Patrol and Thomas the Tank Engine Fascist. On the other hand, I think there are some pretty disgusting people on the alt-right who have normalised some pretty despicable behaviour and seem to revel in abusive trolling. What I think was once intended to be funny and provocative has blurred significantly. I've no idea where all this will end, hopefully with a return to common sense but I do not live in hope.