Italy name team for Wales match

League Express
By League Express October 24, 2013 11:10

Italy head coach Carlo Napolitano has named his 19 man squad to play Wales at Millennium Stadium on Saturday (16:30)

1. Anthony Minichiello (C)
2. Joshua Mantellato
3. James Tedesco
4. Aiden Guerra
5. Chris Centrone
6. Ben Falcone
7. Ryan Ghietti
8. Anthony Laffranchi
9. Dean Parata
10. Paul Vaughan
11. Mark Minichiello
12. Cameron Ciraldo
13. Joel Riethmuller
14. Sam Gardel
15. Ryan Tramonte
16. Brendan Santi
17. Raymond Nasso
18. Tim Maccan
19. Gavin Hiscox

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League Express
By League Express October 24, 2013 11:10

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