Launching tomorrow on

Aaron Bower
By Aaron Bower August 22, 2014 16:35

Launching tomorrow on

Tomorrow, will be taking you into the heart of Wembley Stadium, as we get up close and personal with the Challenge Cup Final.

We’ll be bringing you our new live blog, which will detail every minute, and every big decision that happens during the clash between Leeds Rhinos and Castleford Tigers. But whilst we’d normally ask you for your comments on social media, tomorrow we also want you to use our new feature.

If you scroll down on this story, you’ll see our new comments box – which we’re hoping will encourage you to debate, chat and even argue about the things you’re passionate about. Tomorrow’s game seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch it properly, so share your thoughts about the game on the live blog tomorrow (we’ll be launching the blog around 1pm), and give us your thoughts on everything that’s happening!

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Aaron Bower
By Aaron Bower August 22, 2014 16:35

Great Rugby League Reads!


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