Rugby League crowds: Up or down? We investigate

Aaron Bower
By Aaron Bower July 25, 2014 09:00 Updated

Rugby League crowds: Up or down? We investigate

One of the biggest talking points this season has been the apparent dwindling of crowds all across Super League. After the huge euphoric high of the Rugby League World Cup, there has been a random drop in crowds that seems unexplainable.

However, are crowds actually down, or is it just another unsubstantiated rumour amongst Rugby League fans? We’re aiming to dispel the myths and hype, and provide you with conclusive proof as to whether each Super League is up or down on their average attendance.

Each week we’ll let you know just how YOUR club is performing, by comparing their most recent home gate against the same fixture last year – as well as the overall average year-on-year. We’re starting with providing you the basic average attendance for each club from both 2013 and 2014 (so far), so you can see just how your club is doing.

Incidentally, there are a number of issues to factor in – as always. Given how there are six rounds left in the season – and some huge derby matches – these figures could quite easily change. But as it is, these figures are true UP TO AND INCLUDING Round 21 of the Super League season.

Bradford Bulls
2013 average: 8,575 (down by 3,180 on 2012)
2014 average: 6,927 (DOWN on 2013)

Castleford TigersCas-v-Wigan-slider-Dorn
2013 average: 6,292 (down by 417 on 2012)
2014 average: 7,004 (UP ON 2013)

Catalan Dragons
2013 average: 8,179 (down by 1,101 on 2012)
2014 average: 7,940 (DOWN ON 2013)

Huddersfield Giants
2013 average: 6,368 (down by 1,341 on 2012)
2014 average: 6,497 (UP ON 2013)

Hull FC
2013 average: 11,201 (down by 453 on 2012)
2014 average: 10, 536 (DOWN ON 2013)

Hull Kingston Rovers
2013 average: 7,495 (down by 291 on 2012)
2014 average: 8,074 (UP ON 2013)

Leeds Rhinos
2013 average: 14,985 (up by 459 on 2012)
2014 average: 14,745 (DOWN ON 2013)

London Broncos
2013 average: 2,200 (down by 608 on 2012)
2014 average: 1,307 (DOWN ON 2013)

Salford Red DevilsChase-Hull-FC-V-Salford
2013 average: 3,178 (down by 2,014 on 2012)
2014 average: 4,894 (UP ON 2013)

St Helens
2013 average: 11,141 (down by 2,972 on 2012)
2014 average: 12,186 (UP ON 2013)

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
2013 average: 7,973 (down by 199 on 2012)
2014 average: 4,375 (DOWN ON 2013)

Warrington Wolves
2013 average: 10,465 (down by 605 on 2012)
2014 average: 10,189 (DOWN ON 2013)

Widnes Vikings
2013 average: 6,015 (down by 31 on 2012)
2014 average: 5,608 (DOWN ON 2013)

Wigan Warriors
2013 average: 14,549 (down by 659 on 2012)
2014 average: 13,443 (DOWN ON 2013)

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Aaron Bower
By Aaron Bower July 25, 2014 09:00 Updated

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