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Vote now: What should be done about Dual Registration?

Vote now: What should be done about Dual Registration?

by: League Express, September 1, 2014, 11:51 am

Last week, an RFL Operational Rules Appeals Tribunal granted the appeals by Batley Bulldogs and Doncaster against the points deductions imposed for breaches of the sport’s rules relating to dual registration.

The clubs were each deducted three competition points at an independent tribunal held on Friday August 15 when they were both found guilty of fielding an ineligible player in Kingstone Press Championship fixtures played on Sunday July 27.

After being presented with fresh evidence relating to previous historical breaches of Operational Rules by other clubs which had not faced similar sanctions, the Appeals Tribunal sitting at Red Hall this afternoon overturned the points deductions.

To say this issue is farcical is certainly an understatement, but what should be done to stop it happening again? Vote in our League Express poll and let us know what you think. The results will be revealed in next week’s League Express newspaper.

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Poll Results:
What should the RFL do about dual-registration, following the farcical points deduction from and points return to Batley and Doncaster?
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