Betts keen on scrapping Sunday matches

Widnes Vikings head coach Denis Betts believes there is logic in ditching Sundays as the regular match day for Super League matches.

The Vikings face Salford tonight on Sky Sports having had just three days off since their last Super League encounter on Sunday, when they defeated Hull Kingston Rovers.

And Betts believes that the Sunday slot being scrapped would give teams enough time to recover regardless of what day they play the following week.

“I think Saturdays have worked for a few teams so if you look at Thursday, Friday and Saturday as being rugby league days, you are still going to get enough turnaround to be able to recover,” he told reporters at his press conference this week.

“Games used to be played on Saturdays for a lot of the years and then they moved to Sundays. So it’s not as if it’s always been Sundays.

“You’ve got to go with something, stick with it and let people buy into it. Some people didn’t think Friday nights would work but some of the Friday night games are some of the best to watch.”