Bulls address Sculthorpe ‘settlement’ claims

Bradford Bulls have issued a detailed statement concerning their former player Danny Sculthorpe:

Following a statement made by Hudgell Solicitors this morning, Bradford Bulls officials have confirmed that a ‘settlement’ has not been agreed between the club and former player Danny Sculthorpe.

The statement claimed: “Former Super League side Bradford Bulls have agreed to pay compensation to ex-player Danny Sculthorpe for a training injury which led to the club cancelling a three-year deal without him ever pulling on their shirt – effectively ending his top-flight playing career.”

In reality, the claim had been lodged against the club’s former holding company, Bradford Bulls Holdings Ltd, which is now dissolved, and a settlement with its then insurance company has been agreed between the two parties.

This has no impact on the club in its current form, meaning Bradford Bulls Northern Ltd will pay zero compensation towards Danny Sculthorpe or his representatives.

Sculthorpe, who originally joined the club in 2009, has moved to confirm this himself. “The case was made against Peter Hood, the Bulls’ former chairman, and the company in control of it at the time,” he explained.

“The Bradford Bulls of today has nothing to do with this as Peter Hood has nothing to do with the current regime.”

Bulls chief executive Robbie Hunter-Paul added: “Having read this morning’s press release from Hudgell Solicitors, I have to say it came as a surprise and I was disappointed with the language and style of writing, which, in my opinion, was used to grab headlines.”