Saints join pack leading calls for reserve grade

St Helens have joined the growing number of clubs publicly speaking out about potentially setting up a new reserve competition from next season.

League Express reported this week how Wigan and Warrington were amongst two clubs leading the discussions for a breakaway league – which would have the support of the RFL if created.

And now the defending Super League champions have also stated their intention to act, with chief executive Mike Rush saying it’s time to integrate a third tier in the development of the game.

“We originally voted against the scrapping of the under 20s and also voted against the current system from its outset,” Rush said. “I’m very passionate about is developing young players and we have probably produced more than anybody in the last decade and we believe we know how to take a kid from the amateur game into full time rugby league.

“All young players develop at different rates and the three tier system gives more kids a better opportunity of making it to SL.

“It’s clear we need as many opportunities for these players to get as much game time as possible. The current system of an under 19s and a first team isn’t sufficient and we are denying youngsters, the lifeblood of our sport, the chance to develop.

“A new reserve system, which will allow players all ages to play, would be a step forward and we hope to have more details soon.”

MAKE SURE you read League Express this Monday – as we’ll have more details on the potential for a reserve grade being created, with quotes from all the key parties involved.