Canada move excites McDermott

Rugby League pundit Brian McDermott believes that although there are some implications standing in its way, a Canadian team joining the League 1 ranks would be a hugely exciting move for the sport.

Reports in one national newspaper on Wednesday suggested that a Canadian team look set to be given the go-ahead to join the English ranks, and for McDermott, it is a move that excites him.

“It’s certainly a far away day; the people in Canada are very enthusiastic and very keen on it. A lot of stuff on social media about the league in Canada is very enthusiastic too,” he said.

“It’s obviously got some financial implications to the League 1 sides that will have to have that away day, but I’m sure they’ll jump at the chance.

“My only question mark is the day jobs of the players who aren’t full-time players. It’s very exciting news if you’re a League 1 player, though.”

It is believed that the Canadian team, based in Toronto, would play four home matches in a row, before travelling to the UK to play a quartet of games in this country.