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  1. Hi Rob. David has been in touch with me, Have you got an email address is so you can contact me at sheddings@hotmail.co.uk. 

    Is your mam's name Ann and how is she? I am sure my sister Jean would love to get in touch with her I believe they were very good friends. Tell her it's Jean Else.



  2. Thanks for that news Rob, we were great friends for years . Long story I chauffeured him from work after him and your Grandad got booked trying to push their car which had run out of fuel up West St near the Civic Centre.  LOL.

    My sister Jean was also best friends with your mum Ann but lost touch some while ago, 


  3. Can anyone tell me if Fred Hall is still alive? Been looking at some old pictures and it brought back memories of him of how in our younger days we used to meet up in Alexandra Park at weekends, take over part of the big field and play a bunch of Italian lads at Football. Remember Fred was a good footballer.

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