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  1. aparently SL in summer would fail.... that was 20 years ago....

    then it was semi-pro that would fail after their switch...again many years later they have all improved and are fine....

    It will take 10-20 years for the new generation to filter through and will laugh at the thought of being stood out in 0 degrees in the sleet in semi-darkness with the old men around the club telling tales of how they used to play in this and smoke in the clubhouse and changing rooms and all the other anecdotes!

    The majority of winter season games were played in the same weeks the summer games are played, it's proven as fact that young lads will miss a good proportion of games due to other commitments during the summer which have been listed many times, The selling point originally amongst others, is that it would improve the standards, it would take a brave man to argue the case the standards have improved if you consider how many different players are used during the course of the season just to turn a side out.

    What you need to realise is that the young kids who are currently enjoying playing in the summer, Believe it are not they turn into young adults and will have all the same distractions the lads have today,

  2. Let's offer some constructive ideas as to what we think would help.

    I think teams should be allowed to select at least THREE free weeks PRIOR to the season starting. This will allow teams to plan stag do's, weddings etc.,

    This will inevitably require more work and organisation from the powers that be at the NCL, but then they are being paid for their respective roles and I'm sure there would be a way round this i.e. extending the season a week either side etc.,

    Opinions and suggestions ?

    Don't think this will give team consistency in playing alternate games home and away, teams got the chance to change a game last season and we ended in playing 9 away games in 10 ,

    If it was just a few teams who were complaining about lack of players and suporters I can understand but the majority are saying that the crowds are down and they are struggling for players yet we seam that we are determined to make the most of a bad job,

    I will continue to support my club during the summer when I can but I really can not understand the reasoning behind the summer concept when all the statistics are pointing towards its failiar, we all like the nice weather and the good conditions but practically will it ever work for the masses ?

    Good luck to any club who are thriving through the summer months but look at what it's done to the foundation with regards to how many games now get called off.

  3. The NCL committee says know one has approached them saying they have a problem with summer, if that is the case albeit difficult to believe than were do we go from here?with a large proportion of the NCL clubs loosing an affective competitive reserve side will the NCL be lowering the criteria to be a member? So fare we have had a trickle of first team games being called off, how long before the tap gets turned on.

    With the main selling point for summer being we will have a better quality of games, most clubs admitting to using 50 plus players in their first team some of wich are signing on the day they play to make numbers up, do people except this as the norm now?

    are we hoping that the youth will change this in years to come because they will know no better and will embrace the summer concept.

    Personally I believe the kids of today will still get a girlfriend still be distracted with their college work, go on the holiday with their mates go to festivals get married have kids ect,

    Although I support the traditional season which still had problems no denying that, I haven't stop supporting summer,

    By now I think it has been a stablished that we have major problems ahead and I don't see any suggestions wich will solve the issues of attracting more players and more supporters.

    Prior to the move to summer we only had speculation to debate on, now we have hard facts and it's up to the clubs to chose their path.

  4. You could argue that summer rugby is working because games are getting played, just not as many and not to the same standard as winter for all the reasons documented

    and it would take an extremely well trained politician to try and convince anybody any different,

    Does anybody remember why we moved in the first place, I'm sure I was told for better playing standard, well hasn't that back fired.

  5. Summer rugby has been there for clubs to choose for a while if that's what they wanted, the big issue is after the proper gander from the RFL clubs didn't really have much choice if they wanted to play at a good standard, jump or sink,

    Look what summer has done to the pro game with the lack of supporters

    I don't think anybody can deny that there has been a dramatic lose in players since the switch, if your club have more players well good luck but have a look at the clubs in the whole, it wasn't a smooth ride in winter at the end of a season getting all the second teams turned out but the summer games that are getting called off even at the beginning of a season is embarrassing, not to mention top ncl team having to sign players on the day and use 16/17 year olds to turn a side out, serously how long before clubs start to fold,

    If the RFL want what's best for the game why do they not champion both winter and summer instead of trying to get what they must consider fools to sign the OP rules where they are basically trying to block clubs returning to winter amongst other things,

    Running a summer compertotion is a great idea , I can just see rugby union and the FA kicking themselfs because they didn't think of themselves

    By the way I support my club just as much in the summer as I did in winter, but I would sooner be called a rebel than a sheep who would sooner swallow the Bul---t they are fed that challenge the wrongdoings

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