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  1. Not really Rob. Those wishing to sit down will be in another stand. Those buying from the RFL are behind the sticks, tho I don't think there will be that many fev fans in that stand. The overwhelming majority of those chosing to stand up are down the south stand!

    That's why I said ' IF' we are all owa. If the majority are with us in the south then great but IF the majority isn't then, it will have been a cock up, not by fev a may add btw!

  2. I no 4000+ fev fans singing at the top of our voices " when I was just a little boy" waint half get hairs on mi neck stood up! Anti cas songs my a**e!! It takes 1 minute then it's back to some good old rovers songs! Can't see the problem, can't see the problem tbh!

  3. How ironic that on the same day it is in the papers about castleford and there homophobic chanting fans, Rovers fans get invited back to a disco in Warrington for homosexuals, lesbians and bi-sexuals, the same bar where the fans were dancing around with no tops on in the cup game, they enjoyed our good humour and friendliness that much they have invited us back.

    Rovers leading the way again

    1:30 on Sunday ll be there!

  4. If anyone is organising a bus to the final and there is any money left over it would be good if you could hand it over to Gary at the Blue Lagoon and it will go towards the Rovers U18 scholarship, provided we get our bonds back thats were the money from our buses is going, that way we can keep getting to these finals for years to come

    Good idea

  5. Well after reading the latest email from the club i think every 1 should be aware of the stewards at Warrington, because they refused entry to a lot of people last time especially if they had flat caps on and appeared drunk, we will all be having a few so try and act sensible on the way through the turnstiles or they may just stop you going in

    Would expect anything else?

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