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  1. well this print on the vanity fair website is dated February 1st 1890 and entitled "Rugby Union".. not sure why as it looks like a pratt in a bowler hat but its obviously a term used at this point..


    would expect and IIRC it was just called Rugby or Football by most people as it is now by people.. with the union and league left off and people from the different areas knowing which one you meant when you were talking.. and knowing the context you were talking in etc.. as it is now.

    The title is referring to the Rugby Football Union not the game

  2. And also helped developing nations.The Dutch benefited from the 1895 International with equipment which was brought over by the first incoming tour team (Rotterdam v Clock Face Miners) in 2004.

    The Dutch wore the 1895 logo on their shorts that season when they played Serbia and Scotland Students


    Indeed, it's a shame it didn't continue.

    The Clock Face lads showed up at every event

  3. During last night's programme on Eddie Waring there was a reference to the 1895 Club. Does anyone know more about this club and its aims? Is it still going? I wonder if anyone on here were members of that club?

    It has existed in various guises from time to time. The last one I am aware of was set up Lionel Hurst and was based at the George Hotel in Huddersfield. My Girlfriend was a director of it for a while. It arranged various fund raising events such as NRL grand final breakfasts etc.

  4. Big multi-cultural do, was it?

    Were the men allowed to take their partners?

    I couldn't help noticing the huge proportion of females and kids at the cup final last week. Are these masonic events family friendly? I might come along one night and bring my wife and kids if its good fun.

    The Lions dinners have tended to be single sex affairs - when I attended with Zoe some of the Lions weren't too keen - Garry Schofield made his dismay known.

  5. And the papers were absolutekly full of it too!

    That RU stuff hardly got a mention.....................oh!

    Here's the Sunday Time smatch report for the Hull v Leeds game - I have reproduced it here in full, I trust CKN won't mind:

    Hull coach Richard Agar claimed the 11th minute dismissal of Lee Radford for fighting with Leeds prop Ryan Bailey cost his side victory against the Rhinos, who were indebted to to a brace of Danny mcGure tries for sustaining their grand final ambitions with an 18-14 win

    I have also taken the liberty of reproducing the Sunday Times match report of the Catalans v Huddersfield game:

    Huddersfield defeated Catalans 26-12 in Perpignan

    I have also included all the photographs from the paper

  6. I thought there were far more than 5'000 empty seats. There were gaps everywhere.

    And no, I'm not knocking a fantastic attendance of 85'000 - more the fact that RFL events have posted the 'house full' sign a few times now when clearly they aren't when the day comes.

    There are always people who can't make it on the day.

  7. How the hell has Murdoch and News Ltd been good thing in Australia? It started the SL wars which cost us thousands of fans and is still felt today! It likely cost the game millions of dollars. Clubs like Balmain, Norths etc were forced to Merge. Souths were kicked out. The game was in a real mess thanks to News Ltd.

    Then we have Gallop who has been a poor admin for the game and is just a puppet for News Ltd. Low TV Contracts, failure to do too much too stop players going elsewhere, His head in the sand attitude has cost us money and fans.

    News Ltd promotes AFL over League for some reason despite League having way better TV attendances as well.

    News Ltd made a real mess of running Melbourne Storm. It has made the game a laughing stock. And how can News Ltd be running the NRL and yet not know what was going on at the Storm which is also owned by the News Ltd? Gallop and News made a mess of the outcome of the storm. Honestly any team would be best staying away from News Ltd looking at the record of being involved in the game in Australia.

    Sad for the few fans but maybe long term a good thing. Quins has been a disaster from the start that few Broncos fans bought in to. It has alienated many London fans. Maybe it will allow the club to reform in a way RL fans can identify with and the new club can be more of a London Community club than it is now


  8. Thats the difference between union and league.

    Kasbian,one of the biggest attractions to young people at the moment show some support,no matter how little it may seem to some people on here.

    The RFL should be flashing it all over the news.

    Union make a massive world headlines out of some ones fan mail....

    For those who dont visit "Cross code forum" as found by Paley.

    WAY behind in the promotional / publicty stakes. :(

    Maybe the news aren't interested. Let's face it, some south african bloke getting a letter is more important in the british press.

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