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  1. I reckon I'll have to come to Cardiff then, just to not use their buses... if the snow here ever melts. Its been lying since Friday. The Lincs Wolds getting it pretty bad now.

    One woman car driver interviewed on TV this morning. " I left Wragby ( near Lincoln ) for Louth and got stuck, turned round, went home , waited a few hours and now I'm stuck again." :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    It would be good to have a catch up again John, like we did last year for the Murrayfield Magic weekend.

    I'll get in touch with you about Cardiff in the new year.

    As for the snow

    Here is what it looks like outside my local


  2. Cumbria XIII:

    Gary Broadbent, Ade Gardner, Jason Mossop, Scott McAvoy, Will Sharp, Oliver Wilkes, Liam Campbell, Ewan Dowes, Jack Pedley, Kyle Amor, Brett McDermott, Spencer Miller, Rob Purdham.

    England XIII:

    Chris Riley, Peter Fox, Michael Shenton, Tony Clubb, Tom Briscoe, Paul Sykes, Richie Myler, Andy Lynch, Mickey Higham, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Joe Westerman, Ben Westwood, Jamie Langley.

    Referee: Phil Bentham (Warrington)

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