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  1. Last time round, Bulls scored 7 out of 10. You needed 5-7 for a B Licence. See below. Might make interesting reading for the pathetic fekkwits who seem to think its all about the newness of and facilities at your ground (clue: its one of TEN criteria)

    Capacity of 12,000 YES 1

    Premier competition standard ground NO 0

    Average crowd of 10,000 YES 1

    Operating at 40 per cent full YES 1

    Turn over

  2. For the Challenge Cup Final in 2003 we got the RFL special down from Leeds which was spilt about 80/20 in Leeds favour (cue plenty of good natured banter).

    All I'll say is coming back after the game, the train was drunken fun which was further enhanced when someone in the toilet pushed the emergency stop button thinking it was to flush the toilet, menaing we were a bit late arriving back into Leeds.

  3. Something that is really making my blood boil at the moment is seeing all the ground status's of Salford, Wakey, Cas under pressure on Boots'n'all and SLS yet Odsal is never mentioned despite being far worse than Salford and Cas due to the sheer lack of cover and poor design for RL. Yes I know it is because the RFL did not mention it as an "at risk" ground. However why is that exactly? It is the worst ground to watch on telly by a country mile and completely unsuitable due to the threat of getting wet thru

    Ange Powers said last week that a ground had to have 10k people under cover, yet Odsal does not have this so again surely it is time that this ground was put at risk too

    It is the weakest link - goodbye

    What a load of old tosh, since when has Angela Powers been the person who decides to throw out of Super League.

    Face it, we are here to stay.

  4. I hope we win but have little confidence to be honest. We've lost a few games we really should have won so maybe the ball will bounce our way this time, however I'm not holding my breath. I wouldn't want to start next season with a long line of losses behind us and I can't see us winning at Wigan (though, dafter things have happened :O ) so, realistically, it's either this week of leave the meter running..........

    I take it the meter has run out of room to add that seventy eighth digit :O

    Anyhow the players will be meeting the supporters after the game at 17:15 by the Touchdown bar.

  5. This is the only way that I can see the Millenium Stadium being full for both days which would look impressive for those at home watching the weekend on tv.

    It would also feel as if the loyal supporters were getting some incentive to attend this event.

    By all means charge the supporters who don't have a season pass the going rate, but I feel if the RFL want anything close to a full house and with this event taking place just some six weeks after the financial burden of Christmas then they have to include this in the season pass for mine if they don't want 30,000 for day one, 30,000 for day two etc.

  6. Dawson is off to Cardiff with Old Frightful and Roy Boy and will be sharing a room with a Rovers fan. :blink:

    I'd like to think I'll also get to share bodily fluids with Hanners, but I can't see that dream coming true. :ph34r::lol:

    Matthew is very much a Rugby League fan like myself, you'll have a good time.

    Just remember to make sure we all end up on the last train from Cardiff :lol::lol:;)

  7. The final home game of the season and a game that could see a big crowd as Wakefield have very much everything to play with regards their play-off situation.

    I guess everyone's only going for what Peter Hood has to say at half-time with regards the amazing season ticket offer for 2011?

    I think we'll lose again as there is nothing from what I've seen in the past 12 games to suggest we are about to turn a corner. In fact I just can't see us getting another win all season so another depressing day at Odsal culminating in yet another loss.

    But it won't be the on the scale as the hammering we got last night.

    Bradford 22-28 Wakefield with 7,800 there.

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