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  1. No time like the present to move on,but we go into another difficult fixture.

    Will Cresta swing the axe?

    I’m sure many of the lads who played yesterday will want to right a few wrongs after yesterday’s result.

    Up the Shipbuilders!

  2. The first of three tough away games as we go to fourth in the table North Wales Crusaders.

    I imagine Cresta will have the choice of a few more players going into this one,so team selection will be interesting.

    Personally I think we will be too strong and come away with the points,but anything can happen on the day🤞🏻🏉

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Bring back GB said:

    Club have stated they are intending to stage the match and are looking at loan players if required 

    Yeah I have seen the game advertised so it is going ahead,where would we get these loan players in from😳

  4. Another team arrive at CP on the back of a fantastic result,they will be brimming with confidence.
    It will be another tough game,hope all the players affected with COVID have recovered well enough to play.

    Again,looking forward to it.

    Up the Shipbuilders!

  5. Not really sure what to make of this to be honest,it is quite obvious something needs to be done though.

    Is it right to cut teams away,is it right to hold other clubs back?

    It is nice that Barrow are getting a mention,but it is imperative that we put ourselves in the position to be included.


  6. Well this Sunday is probably the biggest game of the season so far,I hope we can do ourselves justice.

    Cresta will have the lads well prepared and surely they’ll be cheered on by a good following of Raiders fans👍🏻


  7. I agree the game was in the balance and was at a 24-12 score line for a long time,the try after that was the telling one for me.

    Barrow got it and went on to win comfortably,I could physically see the breath drained from the Coventry side after that try.

    If Coventry had took it to 24-18 I feel they may have got something from the game.

    Raiders will need to be much better next week up at Workington.

  8. I’m expecting a tough game against Coventry,they did not lie down at their spot in the first game of the season.
    I actually think their fullback got a hat trick against us,he looked a really good player that day.

    We need to bounce back from the Keighley defeat,I’m sure we’ll be up for it.

  9. Not defending him if it is true,but things like this happen on RL pitches every week.

    I think Dallimore plays on the edge in a lot of these games and although I wouldn’t consider him a dirty player,he sometimes gets things wrong.

    Thing is when you need a bit of a spark or something different,it’s the same bloke who comes up with something brilliant to change games.

  10. On 06/07/2021 at 20:58, Wandering pete said:

    Kick off now 14.00

    Just in case people don't have facebook/Twitter access.Could be a points fest.. Cougars have scored 290 points in their 8 games(average 36)..won 4 from 5 home games including a 44-18 triumph against Donny.Not to be taken lightly.

    Yeah,I agree it will be another tough encounter.In the home game they came right back into it second half,with Murrell organising their attack they are dangerous.If memory serves me right they had two decent hookers too.

    Hopefully we can keep our run going though,best of luck lads👍🏻

  11. On 04/07/2021 at 17:19, DavidM said:

    How would you compare town and donny ?

    Donny have a bigger pack and decent go forward,it was an arm wrestle first 30mins,I was disappointed in their halves.

    Town asked a lot more questions of our defence in my opinion,moved the ball well and have a good kicking game.

    Be a good tight game between Town and Donny I would think.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Evs62 said:

    I know this is the Barrow site but my god come on.

    Barrow still had a good team out and both teams could have won but have a look in tomorrow's paper 😁

    You’re right,penalties go both ways and usually even themselves out over the season.

    Draw was a fair result over the 80mins,looking forward to the return fixture.

    Great following for Town today,hope we can match if not better it and put a bit of cash in your coffers👍🏻

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  13. Great game,great crowd and a fair result.

    Losing Mossop was a blow along with all the other injuries,I thought Blain Marwood gave them a spark when he came on and Hanley Dawson moved the ball well.

    Looking forward to the return game up at Derwent Park,when we’ll hopefully get some payback.

    I’d like both teams to gain promotion this season🤞🏻👍🏻

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