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  1. You're wrong on this one. I earn less than £8 per hour but have never been eligible for a penny of tax credits in my life. £9 an hour minimum wage will make a real difference to me. Under Labour I was at one point earning £13,000 and then having to pay £2,000 out in taxes barely leaving me enough money to live off whilst people earning £50,000 with children were getting tax credits.



    Well done sir you should be applauded but on here I doubt it

  2. Clearly you don't live in St Helens.  St Helens Council has never stopped whinging and bleating about The Cuts since the first round of them was introduced.


    Yet they can afford to buy all the councillors Ipads last year.  Amazing really just what councils will waste precious resources on.  I have worked for four different local authorities in my lifetime and not one of them was anything like as responsible with their money as any private enterprise I have worked for.  One local Council bought everyone brand new computers just a year or so before I worked for them (which I did in 2010).  That equated to 800 staff in one building alone.  Meanwhile, a couple of years later I took a job with Sainsbury in St Helens and many staff were still using cruddy old cream coloured chunky PCs as they couldn't afford to buy new computers for everyone all at once - they were in profit in those days too.  Sure, that is just computers, but multiply that by all the other incidentals and financial benefits attached to working for local authorities and there is still a lot of waste that can be cut to save money.

    I work in the social housing sector the waste by councils is huge, way too many chiefs driving round all day with fancy titles on big salaries doing sweet FA.

    My local council leader earns over £100k(expenses) :shout: and the mayor is drove around in a  chauffer driven Rolls

  3. Perhaps he's refused to apologise for reasons we don't know.  As he says better one dead peer's memory scarred than kids who've been abused frightened to come forward.  The Tories are very good at covering their tracks when they're in power.  They've done it before.  In the police phrase ," they have form."

    Thought you'd defend him, funny how he's not chased after Janner as much.


    Brittan's are against a 19 year old Allegedly

    Janners are horrific allegedly




    Anyway Uncle Tom is going to have to answer to these




    Hope they throw the book at the horrible little man

  4.   Just change the law that those accused of this sort of crime are not named until they're at least formally charged or taken to court.

    Here's a first I agree with you


    A while back in my neck of the woods a bloke was taken to court for an alleged rape, he was found not guilty but everyone in our neighbourhood knew in advance about the case, to this day some morons still refer to him as the "rapist".

    The woman who was found to be lying moved away from the area.

    And yes I know we don't want to stop women or men to stop reporting rape to the police, but surely reporting restrictions should be kept under wraps until AFTER the case has been heard.

  5. No, but it is assault, as the spitter is presently finding out because they have been arrested, as they should be.  Nobody should be throwing things, spitting, ripping off shirts or otherwise intimidating people they don't happen to agree with.  That isn't peaceful protest.  While I can't speak for French law, it certainly isn't under British law anyway.

    Sadly this type of protest will get more commonplace when the swampies of this country realise their new "messiah" isn't electable.

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