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  1. Can't say I've seen much on my FB timeline, but I suspect you and I keep very different company :P

    And yes, that looks suspiciously like a Britain First off shoot. (anyone posting stuff from Britain First, BNP etc on my timeline is instantly un-friended)

    Its "I am British and Proud" FB page.

    Its on a couple of ex-servicesmens friends of mine timeline/thingy/whatever you call it

  2. Cameron was playing nice because it was his first time.


    Corbyn's effort is just a gimmick with no legs.  Labour candidates often used the 'I've had hundreds of emails from concerned citizens' line in the lead up to the election.

    I thought Cameron was rather mild today

    Yeah its definitely a gimmick, in fact quite amateurish.

    But early days for both combatants, looking forward to the next instalments.

    JC's choice of shadow chancellor is a disgrace, with JC's "friends" and the shadow chancellors IRA love in, I can see a lot of the senior generation giving Labour a wide berth.

    I've no problem with his none singing episode, that's his choice and as a republican why should he sing, it would be hypocritical.

    Loved his suit though(man at Matalan) I've got a similar one

  3. It's a great shame about Grix, a really classy back rower who gave his all. Not just a worker though, he had the skills to go with it.


    I found it odd how Warrington said he would be staying on in a non-playing capacity but he said he was looking to carry on playing elsewhere. I would have thought they were mutually exclusive unless he was to go part time playing, which would be a waste of his talent if that's the case

    Yeah he's looking to carry on playing

  4. If those pictures were real-time, they'd be all over the national and international mainstream media rather than on some 'random' website on the internet or someone's facebook feed. The security services would also be all over these individuals like a rash. It is why I have cast doubt on all of them posted by BTTF so far. If ISIS militants were in Europe (and no doubt they are), they wouldn't be protesting on the streets of Munich.

    Yep agree with your initial comments they would be all over the mainstream media, but I also think its early days for them to show their hand

    Anybody that thinks there are none already in Europe with more to come are living in cloud cuckoo land, there are far too many 20-30's young men for some not to be affiliated in some way.

    I hope i'm not back on here in the near future saying I told you so though

  5. Pictures have been on social media of supposed ISIS fighters in other parts of continental Europe before. They were eventually found out to be an FSA fighter (anti-Assad) and a Kurdish Pershmerga fighter. Both by all accounts had fought against ISIS. So in a nutshell, don't believe everything you see on social media!

    I admire your faith but there will be some already here in Europe,its so easy to get here the door is ajar

  6. Made up he won he got my vote

    His brand of Socialism is dead in the water in this country,come to think of it,it wouldn't get a sniff in his beloved Russia.

    Listened to his speech hardly any mention of the" working" man,just rhetoric and soundbytes

    Believe he wants to nationalise the Energy companies well he'd better ask the Bank of England to start printing money now as that's going to cost between £150-£200 Billion.

    Why should Labour MP's stay loyal to him if you don't believe in his looney policies why stick around to try and help him achieve them.

    Those that do stick around are hypocrites

  7. Absolutely.  The risk to us is severely mitigated by our security forces and the real-terms risk to an individual is negligible.  You're massively more likely to be killed by someone driving without insurance yet we don't see anywhere near the same level of hysteria about that.  Islamophobia is rising heavily due to the grossly inappropriate and misplaced hysteria by those who either should know better or are deliberately ignoring the facts simply to suit their own prejudices.



    It was negligible up to a month or so ago but the risk has been greatly increased by the percentage of "young men" coming into Europe unchecked with no passports/papers.

    Why are there so many "young men" who have left their wives/girlfriends and children behind in a war torn country.

    I saw a clip today of them running riot on a Greek Island,the islanders were scared to death.

    As for Geordie Saints point about "How many foreign citizens have conducted terror attacks on UK soil since Islamic fundamentalism became a problem? I don't know the answer but I'd hazard a guess at practically none."

    Well there was the tube and bus bombs in London in 2005 which were 4 nutters born here,and its only pure luck that another atrocity didn't happen a few weeks later.

    The risk will greatly increase now over the next few years,our security forces are stretched as it is keeping tabs on likely suspects,inviting 10's of thousands of unchecked people on our continent is just asking for trouble.

    If you want to call that Islamophobia so be it,i call it common sense

    Remember it only takes 1 Fanatical Jihadist to cause devastation to innocent victims

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