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    But I just do not believe enough of the British public outside these meetings and outside the newly-joined members of the Labour Party will want to buy the solutions he is selling - more borrowing, higher taxes, unilateral nuclear disarmament - and they are the people he'll need to convince in order to put anything he says into practice.




    Its wonga politics,buy now your kids pay later

    I've read he wants to put up the top tax rate to 75%

  2. You hope. It would very much depend upon who he chooses to be in his shadow cabinet. 

    Or more importantly who will serve in his cabinet,Cooper and Kendall have said they would'nt

    No doubt many more Blairites MP's would'nt be interested.

    Its comical that a party in Britain would select as their leader a man that makes Michael Foot seem like a Capitalist.

    As has been mentioned earlier in this thread Labour need their new votes to come from the Liberals,Greens and UKIP voters,this is not going to happen with Jezzer in charge

    Tory voters in 2015 certainly aint going to go socialist,so as John M post states this is the

     longest suicide note in history

    Go Jezzer

  3. That's a heck of a big call considering some of the pairings we've put out over the last 5 or 6 years, often consisting of players who aren't halfbacks at all. I'm guessing you might be discounting some of them though given that the players didn't really fit the description? That being said this pairing has certainly been underwhelming so far. I was full of optimism, as I suspect a lot of saints fans were, at finally having two natural halves again after years of trying to fit square pegs in round holes. I suppose for now it's just a case of hoping that their chemistry improves. We're going to have to look at doing something with Walsh in defence as we can't have a repeat of last night. I remember Brisbane used to use Tonie Carroll almost as a bodyguard for Darren Lockyer, with his job being to intercept the traffic that came his way. It might be worth looking at something similar.


    Congratulations to Leeds anyway. A fine performance with some scary intensity at times and a superb offloading game. The best team won.   

    They look like complete strangers

    BTW how many games did Burns  and Walsh play together at Penrith

  4. The sooner Sandow arrives at the HJ and starts stamping down some authority and directing the team around the pitch (qv Michael Monaghan) the better.


    Warrington are an exceptional team on paper, but have only shown it on brief occasions so far this season.

    Thought i saw Sandow in the stands with the other injured/suspended players

    But think you maybe dissapointed as Sandow is a free spirit not a team player

  5. It is true they might not spend it on their heating bills.  It might go an an extra warm duvet, a new heater, towards insulation or extra warm clothing.  That is the free market and trusting people to know how to spend the money. 

    What you are suggesting is Government subsidising of private industries in the hope that they get so much money they decide to lower their bills.

    That is a bit stupid of you.

    No thats not what i'm advocating.

    My late mother god rest her soul in later life got £400 extra each year towards her energy bills,if this was knocked off her bill directly instead of handing her/them cash in hand it would be spent on what it was designed for.

    No pensioner who recieves this allowance and spend its on what is for should struggle for heating,jeez its nearly half what i pay for year on total energy and i have a 3 bed house

  6. If this is any guide, it looks like Corbyn is getting ready to throw his 'old friend' under a bus if he wins, rather than welcome him back with open arms.



    We digress briefly to discuss George Galloway of the Respect Party. In March 2012, when Galloway won Bradford West in a by-election from Labour, Corbyn tweeted his support for his old friend even though he had defeated a Labour MP – but now he says they are no longer close. “No doubt George and I will come across each other somewhere . . . I thought the tactics he used against our candidate [Naz Shah, who won Bradford West back for Labour in May] were appalling. I was quite shocked; it was appalling.”

    Double standards or what? Tweeted his support for his mate against HIS party

    But now he's up for Election distances himself

    Bet when he gets in Degsy and Galloway are let back in

  7. Lyth's fine. He'll get the full series to prove himself, as he should. If the selectors wanted better form from him, they should have picked him for the Windies where he could've adapted more to test cricket instead of that charlatan Trott. Stupid decision that was.

    Nah sorry he's gotta go Rabbit in headlights springs to mind

    Its got to the stage were the Aussies to celebrate his wicket they expect it

    Trouble is Selectors in England stick with a winning team,so he's probably safe even though he's averaging less than a dozen

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