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  1. Certainly a very eloquent speech, which could almost be described as Bennite.


    I would be surprised, though, if there isn't a race to identify the man who she identifies as having cried openly in front of her.


    I'm not sure whether he would want to be identified.


    On the other hand, I hope she didn't make him up.

    If it smells liike ---- it usually is

  2. Yet more confirmation of the offensive nature of the Tories, bring forward plans to cut £12bn of welfare funding, restrict public sector pay rises to 1% a year maximum, all because we're in "austerity" yet MPs will get an 11% pay rise.


    "Number 10 said Mr Cameron would accept the £7,000 pay rise, taking his total salary to nearly £150,000, despite opposing it."


    Nice slow hand-clap for double standards.  I thought MPs were public sector employees after all so shouldn't they get 1%?


    Also, for those who say that it's an independent body who recommended it, remember Cameron overruled other independent pay bodies for public sector workers in the last few years when they recommended higher pay.

    You might be surprised but the leader of my town council earned/claimed over £120k for the last financial year

    Not bad aye

  3. This young lady has achieved more in her 20 years here than you will ever do in a lifetime and all you can do is sneer at her because she points out that the poor having to rely on foodbanks in the 21st century in what is one of the richest countries in the world is a bad thing. 

    Dont know how to multipost so having read since ive posted last night i'll try to remember whats been posted since.

    First of all Craig the pubs have'nt closed early,ive been to work all day,had my tea,seen my family,chilled for a bit then turned this on.Very poor from a moderator

    Griff i got you confused with where you were from as your a wigan supporter i assumed you were from wigan,i apologised for that,then you come out with a statement like this you dont know me at all,as johnoco says what has she achieved a scottie dog would have won that seat.

    As for her story,produce him,any bloke that cant feed himself for 5 days has other issues, drugs alcohol debts/loan sharks betting habits,does he live in Jaywick.?

    I do sympathise with the genuine unemployed and disabled who are genuine claimants ,the rest who like Derwent pointed out are career claimants are parasites.

    This business of food banks is quite pathetic really,i have friends(yes i have friends)who are genuinely unemployed,their priorities are feeding their family(including themselves) and heating their house,they cope ok they dont have foreign holidays ,but 1 family have saved up to take their 3 children to Towyn for a week, ok not exoctic but the kids were exstatic,never once have these had to use a food bank,because they get their priorities right.

    They dont smoke,drink occassionally,dont visit betting shops,but the main reason is these people dont buy something they cant afford,i work in the social housing sector and the number of tenants that have bigger tv's than me astounded me,until i found out why,most buy/rent from companies like Brighthouse/Uk Homemaker,basically buy now pay forever, recently we were working at a house,brighthouse delivered a huge tv, shocked i checked it out on currys site it was £1100, checked  brighthouse it'll cost her just under £4k,but in her eyes its ONLY £x amount a week,its education thats lacking,its a buy now pay later society.

    Its like the business of pensioners freezing to death in winter,no pensioner in Britain should ever be without heating if the cold weather payment is/was paid direct to the energy that supplies them,instead they pay the pensioner direct who most just buys better xmas presents for their grandchildren.

    Living on benefits(genuinely) is possible as long as you dont have bad vices and put your children and home first

    No doubt some will disagree with my views but my view is my view and as i'm involved in the social sector i think i'm better educated at this than some snippets from an article from a journo

    Buy what you can afford dont try and keep up with the jones when on genuine benefits,feed and heat your house first forget about luxuries

    Also most all the houses we go in have pets/dogs/cats even exotic reptiles, should they be priorities

  4. Well it appears my seem to remember is actually true (as opposed to your leftie bull#### rant).

    OK I got it slightly wrong in that a safety device kicked in and stopped the train before it ploughed into the back of another after it went through a red light.

    The driver was jailed in October 1994 for it.

    Do you feel stupid now?

    or is spouting drivel a prerequisite for being a member of the loonie left

    You've got to feel for him and his 400 and odd supporters

  5. Admit it, you haven't read it have you? :rolleyes:

    What for its bull

    Benefit fraud is rife in my town and while you may not believe it there are Benefits Streets/Estates all over the Northwest.We work within the Social Housing sector as Contractors based all over the NW,my teams see it daily

    People working on the side whilst claiming

    Single mothers claiming housing benefit while boyfriend(who work) live with them

    But if you want to believe some article thats your choice

  6. The problem is perception: British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows


    There is an extremely good comment in the comments section (rare I know :rolleyes:):


    "The brilliant 'thinking, fast and slow' explains why our instinct for stats will generally be wrong because the process the brain goes through, not deliberately but by its fundamental nature. It will substitute a question 'how often/how many...' with 'how easy is it to recall instances of...'. The answer to that is affected by many other factors than fact - recent events, sensational easy to remember examples from the news, whether it has happened to you etc.

    We are much better at remembering examples than guessing at the stats. Lesson is we need to learn that we are bad instinctive staticians and that we need to know the real figures before judging."

    The research, carried out by Ipsos Mori from a phone survey of 1,015 people aged 16 to 75, lists ten misconceptions held by the British public. Among the biggest misconceptions are:

    - Benefit fraud: the public think that £24 of every £100 of benefits is fraudulently claimed. Official estimates are that just 70 pence in every £100 is fraudulent - so the public conception is out by a factor of 34.


    Wow thats a huge poll and a phone survey,who the hell are going to admit they are cheating the state?

    Cant imagine many pensioners fiddling the state.

    It says Official "Estimates",well i dont think any government would like to admit to the real figure

    These people dont live in the real world

    And given the errors the pollsters made at the last election,which idiots are going to believe this tosh

  7. I would like to announce my candidency for Prime Minister of Benefits Britain.


    Instead of wasting Hard Working TaxpayersTM money on the Office for National Statistics, I will be basing all of my policy decisions on anecdotes provided to me by my Minister for Curtain Twitching - "back to the future".

    Nice one finally a bit of humour from the lefty doom and gloom merchants

    Yeah i accept your  nomination


    From Full Fact Org: Is benefit fraud at a “record high”?


    "While this has seen a concurrent growth in fraud in cash terms, the level of fraud as a proportion of the size of the benefits bill has actually remained fairly constant between 0.6% and 0.8% in the past five years, and actually fell in the most recent year."

    Thats the amount they catch,not the amount that do it. Fraudsters are hardly going to hold their hand up and admit to it are they.

    Nobody knows how much is being frauduently claimed or ever will

  9. Why don't you put another record on?  The one about the millionaire who pays no tax in the UK but happily uses the NHS and all the other state funded benefits?

    You need to take a chill pill pal you seem to have taken your beloved Labour party getting humiliated rather bad,if your not careful you'll end up in the underfunded NHS.

    Tax avoidance peees me off just as much as ss scroungers but i dont know any millionaires,but i do know loads of SS scroungers who rob the state

    I'll say this again i didnt vote tory,i pay corporation tax and personal tax which i am duly right to do,but i dont want wayne and waynetta to benefit from my taxes,these are the core of labour voters,dead legs,parasites,scroungers,certainly not working class

  10. I think the only people who do well out of benefits are either the small percentage who work illegally and sign on, plus the people who have lots of children and then spend the money on themselves rather than properly looking after their children with it.


    Nailed it

    I was in the local shop the other day,the village bike came in, 4 kids under 8 years old by different(well i wont say fathers)sperm donors,current beau is the local handyman(jack of all trades master of none)officially he does'nt work

    Wainetta in her designer shellsuit with her mispelt tatoos and her braid hairstyle bought 20 cigs,3 scratchcards and put a fiver each on gas and leccy.Kids looked like a good wash and feed would be the order of the day.

    This is just one example of benefits britain,i know 3 brothers in their early forties who's last job was milk monitors at school.Officially

  11. Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford investigate benefits system: We found no scroungers and no-one living comfortably


    Of course that doesn't mean no one is working the system, just that the perception that many are is wrong.

    Good god you are scraping the barrel with that

    I'll show them 30-40 families locally to me who are professional scroungers,2 of the families went to Las Vegas last year.

    Not bad when you've never worked a day in your life

  12. I'm not remotely opposed to the state shrinking.  It had become way too big.


    I doubt Osborne is pretending anything.  You may not agree with him but he seems absolutely convinced that the deficit matters. 

    Of course it matters only an idiot would say different,i dont want my children and grandchildren to paying for stupidity of wasteful governments,belts need to be tightened,people need to be encouraged/pushed out of living of the state when perfectly able to work

  13. I'd rather concentrate on Harriet Harmen's gutless reaction to the budget welfare cuts if it's all the same to you: Anger after Harriet Harman says Labour will not vote against welfare bill

    I mean, what's the point of being in opposition if you don't oppose? I don't mean for the sake of it, but to hold the government to task and make them fight every step of the way by proposing viable alternatives.

    Why oppose something that makes sense?

    As this will only come in later in this parliament,people on benefits will have a choice,have 2 kids and the state will help or keep knocking out and you pay for the rest.

    Why should the state pay for irresponsible parents,family planning is the answer

  14. For your information I don't now, and never have lived in Wigan (I have worked there though for the towns largest employer). It shows you know ###### all about me and gives us a good indication of how well informed, or rather not, all your posts are.

    Fair do's i was mistaken maybe because your a pie liker

    Now what about a rebutal about your heartless tories post that Derwent made mincemeat of

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