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  1. 16 minutes ago, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    Brilliant win, and the margin would appear to indicate that we've now fixed our rather leaky defence - roll on next week. With regard to that it might be time to do something about our website which is still showing the game as being on Saturday with a 17.30 ko.

    The club are working on a new website, don't know how long it's going to take though.

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  2. I'm off work for all four of these games so very pleased with the changes, in fact I've "gained" a game as the Skolars game was originally scheduled on a work day.

    I think it is safe to assume now that all of the remaining home fixtures will be played on Saturdays at 17:30. It won't please everyone of course, but at least we now have a blend of Saturday and Sunday games to see what works best.

    The 17:30 kick offs have been pushed by the council to try and boost the local economy over the weekends, so they obviously see a value in our presence. We have seen far more support from Conwy Council over the last 12 months than we had from Wrexham Council in 9 years, so I think this is a fair compromise.

    Can I just add a word of thanks, yet again, to our CEO Andy Moulsdale. These changes have taken a lot of organising on his part, and thanks also to Conwy Council, the RFL and the visiting clubs for their co-operation and understanding.

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  3. Booked the afternoon off work on Saturday and will be dragging the Mrs along for her first, (and probably only) rugby game. She's only coming because we've been invited to a birthday party in Llanddulas, about 10 minutes drive from the stadium. Naturally, I'm not giving up the rugby when it's so close. 😉

    I understand the 5:30pm kick off time is being driven by Conwy Council, although I have also been told that the time is not set in stone. With no changes yet announced by the club, I am now assuming like many others, that this will be the time for all of our home games. Of course you can't please everyone all of the time, but there are fans who have been season ticket holders since the club formed who now find themselves unable to attend any home games, which is a real shame, from what is otherwise an exceptionally well run club.

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  4. I like the black shirt, traditional, simple and smart. I think the majority of games will be played in this shirt, as colour clashes with black will be rare. Last year's second choice was pink, and we only played in it once, away at London Skolars.

    I've never been a "white shirt person", but will probably buy this one for the novelty value, which is probably the whole point of this design, and the club's way of acknowledging Conwy Borough Council's support.

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  5. 30 minutes ago, DI Keith Fowler said:

    Eirias is the same as the Zip World Stadium right? Might venture down/across been planning to for a while. 

    Yes it is the same, Zip World being the sponsors of Eirias Stadium.

    It's going to be a great occasion. As Gogledd says, Sheffield will know they have a real game on their hands, and it's going to be a great advert for the Challenge Cup.

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  6. 2 hours ago, FearNothing said:

    In all fairness it was nice that there were a good few Hunslet fans there, more than I was expecting. But yes, if we get a "home" draw next round I hope it's somewhere better all-round.....if it's against a big club would the Racecourse possibly be an option?? 

    Just had a look at Wrexham FCs fixtures around the weekend of 12/13 March. They were due to play at home on the 12th but are away on the Friday night against Notts County in the FA Trophy, and they don't play at home again until the 22nd, so the Racecourse would be "available" on paper at least. We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow night's draw brings.

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  7. 39 minutes ago, gogledd said:

    Please NOTE:

    The North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet RLFC will be a 14:00 kick off on Saturday 26th February

    We've had to change our game to Caldy RUFC on the Wirral 

    Originally our home fixture was Sunday 27th but the Wales Rugby Union objected to our game being played at the Zip World Stadium, because the Wales RU Under20s have a Six Nations Game scheduled for 10th March. The WRU claim they need the pitch in tiptop condition.....


    .....yet incredibly the RGC rugby union side is playing in the same stadium on 5th March. Its caused no end of problems for us locating a suitable alternative.


    The Wales RU under 20s also have a six nations game scheduled for 20th March at the Zip World Stadium (their last game in this years six nations), so in the event of us progressing to the fifth round and being drawn at home, we are going to face the same problem.

    This is going to affect us dearly, as many of our fans have other arrangements for Saturday and won't be able to attend. I would have expected a crowd of around 500 at Colwyn Bay on Sunday, but we'll be lucky to see half of that at Caldy.

    Our move to Colwyn Bay was one of the good news stories for the sport last year, and has thrown us a lifeline (we may well have folded without the move), but there's always a catch, and now we find out the stadium won't be available until the end of March, after the six nations. This is going to happen every year, so we need an alternative venue pencilled in, which in this part of the world is easier said than done.

    Can I just say that I am full of admiration for the directors of North Wales Crusaders, especially our CEO Andy Moulsdale, who somehow keeps pulling rabbits out of the hat to overcome the endless obstacles put in the way of the club.

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  8. 45 minutes ago, John Drake said:

    Discuss the Betfred Challenge Cup Round Four games here.

    Betfred Challenge Cup - Round Four
    North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet KO 14:30
    at Paton Field, Caldy RUFC

    Betfred Challenge Cup - Round Four
    Batley Bulldogs v The Royal Navy KO 13:00 (BBC Sport)
    Doncaster v Whitehaven KO 14:00
    Halifax Panthers v Featherstone Rovers KO 15:00
    Hunslet Club Parkside v Sheffield Eagles KO 14:00
    London Broncos v Bradford Bulls KO 15:00
    Rochdale Hornets v Barrow Raiders KO 15:00
    Workington Town v Dewsbury Rams KO 14:00
    York City Knights v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00 (Sportsman)

    Betfred Challenge Cup - Round Four
    Leigh Centurions v Widnes Vikings KO 19:45 (Premier)

    North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet kicks off at 14:00

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  9. 14 hours ago, groundhopper said:

    Think I’m missing one

    Been to Colwyn Bay, Chester, Conan’s Quay and the 2 in Wrexham and hopefully Caley. Where have I missed?


    Challenge Cup 3rd round 2013. Cru v West Hull.

    When the draw was made, West Hull were the home team, but the club's then agreed to switch (not sure why, but I think West Hull were unable to host the game).

    The football club objected to the game being played at the Racecourse, so it was played at Wilderspool.

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