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  1. Well, I posted earlier that today's game in Colwyn Bay would be an occasion and it didn't disappoint.

    We were cruising at 26-0 in the first half an hour of the game, and to be honest, Keighley looked surprisingly poor up to that point. Then two converted tries to the visitors before half time seemed to give them fresh belief, and they  pulled back to lead 28-26 with about 15 minutes remaining.

    Then another turning point as we get two penalties to bring the score to 30-28 and then a try in the corner with 2 minutes to go for the win. But even then, it could still have finished in a draw. A fantastic advert for League 1.

    It was a great atmosphere today, with groups of fans from all over North Wales supporting the Cru, from Anglesey, Wrexham and along the coast and quite a few union fans enjoying the experience as well. And not forgetting of course the Keighley fans who got behind their team throughout the match. Heard the attendance was about 460, but not heard an actual figure, which is about 30% up on the average at Queensway.

    A great venue, a great match, and after reading about the Coventry result, a great league.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, clwydianrange said:

    All home wins

    Also I’ve just seen on Crusaders website that they have lobbied the council and attendance has been increased to 500 to allow away supporters who had booked accommodation to attend.

    I was about to post the same but you just beat me to it.🙂

    Here's the link for our friends from Keighley, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday.😎


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  3. 2 hours ago, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    7 tries to 5, to be pedantic. Something's got to be done about our defence, but the big question is whether we'll be allowed to actually watch the Cru in person next week!

    Missed the 4 pointer today, or do we call it a 12.5%er these days.🙂

    Anyway, 400 allowed into the ground next week, so home fans only unfortunately. I make it 497 days since the last home game with fans (Challenge Cup 4th round v Hunslet) and 666 days since the last home League 1 game with fans (7th September 2019, v London Skolars) so it's been a long wait.


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  4. Just to look at some positives this week.

    The club has launched a new website, and it appears that season ticket sales are already double what they were at Queensway, with people even buying season tickets this week, despite the fact that we have now played a third of our home games. While 400 would have been considered a poor crowd at the Racecourse, it would have been seen as a good crowd at Queensway, so we are moving in the right direction on the spectator front and just need a chance to prove it.

    The club is looking more professional by the day, perfectly illustrated by CEO Andy Moulsdale's message this morning. 


    And I have just got home from work to read some more good news. The club have appointed former England RU international Richard Greenwood OBE as it's first president.



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  5. 8 hours ago, John Drake said:

    Discuss this week's Betfred League 1 games here.

    Barrow Raiders v Rochdale Hornets    15:00
    London Skolars v Hunslet    15:30

    SUNDAY 13th JUNE
    Coventry Bears v Workington Town    15:00
    Keighley Cougars v West Wales Raiders    15:00
    North Wales Crusaders v Doncaster    15:00 (OurLeague)

    Kick off time for North Wales v Doncaster is 14:30.

    Wouldn't want anyone to miss the first half hour on Our League after all the fuss this week.

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  6. The Welsh Government have told North Wales Crusaders that Sunday's League 1 clash with Doncaster will now have to be played behind closed doors!

    The capacity was already restricted to 400 home fans, with just 78 tickets unsold this afternoon after going on sale this morning. Ironically, it will be possible to pile into the pub near the ground and watch the game in there. No doubt Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Conwy will be full of day trippers on Sunday, blissfully unaware that the area is now a hot spot for the delta variant.

    One consolation for Doncaster fans, the game will now be live on Our League.


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  7. 15 hours ago, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    Another nasty day at the office for the Cru, albeit against most people's favourites to finish as champions. Just hope that we can beat Coventry at home next week. Anyone know if there's any sign of the Welsh 'government' actually allowing us to go to a game?

    I think the earliest we are going to hear anything about attending home games will be next Monday, which is too late for the Coventry game (and a personal blow for me, as I have been off work for the first three home games of the season). Fingers are crossed at the club for the Doncaster game on 13th June, but don't hold your breath with this ultra-cautious government of ours.

    I was hearing a little bit more about the move yesterday. The RFL have blocked us from playing at Queensway because it is not covid compliant, which is fair enough (I actually think they've done us a favour). Also heard the rent had been increased at Queensway, which is a bit of a cheek, since we have to do all the preparation of the ground ourselves on match days, and the only "hospitality" available for visiting directors is a portacabin belonging to the athletics club. Like several other fans, I have come to the conclusion that we are just not wanted in Wrexham.

    The welcome in Colwyn Bay on the other hand, has been quite overwhelming, with local businesses already showing their support. The club have linked up with a local pub, The Park, which is on the route from the railway station to the stadium, and is already used as the base for the union club (effectively our new "clubhouse").

    At the stadium itself, all the set up and stewarding will be done for us, and not by us, and they are allowing us to sell our own beer! It's just so frustrating not knowing when we can take advantage of it.


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  8. 15 hours ago, mickmike wilson said:

    Barrow still hold a 100% record so we are a good side & great att for L1 at Barrow today just shy of 2K 


    Off the field Barrow are working hard on getting more supporters & growing the game locally.

    Just built a FanZone to host summer events like the Footy Euros & suchlike.

    Very impressed with the setup yesterday, the fan zone is a great idea, and if you're going to have a pitch invasion at the end of the game, do it in stile.......with picnic tables.😎

    Not the kind of result we were wanting obviously, but Barrow are a very good side. At least Rob Massam reached his milestone of 500 points. There's an honest reaction from head coach Anthony Murray on the club's twitter.

    Finally, just want to say thank you to the directors and staff at Barrow for allowing us to attend the game, and above all the Barrow fans for making us feel so welcome. We can only attend games when we play in England at the moment, so despite the score, it meant a lot to be there yesterday.


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  9. 3 hours ago, BringbackGB said:

    Any other season ticket holder experiencing problems streaming live League 1 match?


    Yes, season ticket code doesn't work.

    It was fine last week, but in the voucher code box all I get is the code has already been used. I raised this with the club and Our League two days ago and was told you only have to redeem the code once, the game should be available when you log in to Our League, but not today. In the end, I just paid the £10 to watch the game.

    I'm going to contact Our League again, they are quick to reply but I don't think they understand the problem. Perhaps more people contacting them would help. Their email address is: ourleague@streamamg.com

    Never mind, at least I've seen one game with my season ticket, which is one more than last season.

    Edit: I have just logged on to my email and have received a refund of £10 from Our League!

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  10. 21 hours ago, Exiled Townie said:

    Coventry Bears v London Skolars KO 15:00
    Doncaster v West Wales Raiders KO 14:30
    Hunslet v Barrow Raiders KO 15:00
    Keighley Cougars v Rochdale Hornets KO 15:00
    North Wales Crusaders v Workington Town KO 14:30

    Can't really argue with that.

    It's incredibly frustrating not being able to go to the game, but at least grateful for Our League. It's almost impossible to find any kind of clue as to when we will be allowed back in to the ground. The best I can find is that the next lockdown review in on 14th June, so I really don't see the grounds opening until July at the earliest.😠

  11. 1 hour ago, Spidey said:

    It seems that’s a club by club decision whether you can still access games via Our League

    Thanks, it could just be a problem with my account of course. I have had a response from Our League already, giving me a step by step guide on how to use the code, but it still isn't working. I'm sure it will be resolved by the weekend, otherwise £4.95 isn't going to beak the bank to see the game.

  12. I have just been on Our League to check if I can watch the live stream for our home game against Workington on Sunday with my season ticket code, and it seems that I can no longer use it.

    The FAQ section states that the codes are valid until season ticket holders can return to stadiums, which is now the case, providing of course that your club is based in England. Here in Wales we are still locked out and the government have not given us any idea of when we can return. I have emailed the club and Our League so hopefully can get something sorted.

    On a brighter note, some of us are looking forward to attending our first game in 15 months, at Barrow next weekend.

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  13. 33 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    When you say for a while, is this move not permanent then - ie are the club hoping to move back to Wrexham at some point?

    Initially it is for this year. If we are to move back to Wrexham it would have to be at the Racecourse, I really don't see us going back to Queensway. However I do get a sense of frustration from the club with the constant obstacles which seem to keep popping up in Wrexham every time they want to take the club forward. I get the feeling that the local council's attitude over the last few weeks has been the final straw.

    On the fans forum on zoom on Wednesday night, our CEO and Chairman both said how they had been bowled over by the facilities and the welcome in Colwyn Bay, and it is apparently only slightly more expensive than Queensway. They spoke about the hospitality for sponsors, the chance to play double headers featuring the new amateur clubs and junior sides, and maybe even the wheelchair team, the players love the new facilities and can't wait to play there.

    It is a case of wait and see, but if it all goes well and we enjoy being there, the club grows hassle free and we end up doing a "Newcastle", then I'm sure it will become permanent.

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  14. 8 hours ago, Rugby&soccerfan said:

    Wrexham FC now owned by Two American Actors wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    To be fair, our chairman contacted the football club after the takeover was completed and the bloke the actors have put in charge there responded within 24 hours. This was in complete contrast to the previous owners, Wrexham Supporters Trust, who treated us with utter contempt. One of our directors described them as being ignorant and quire rude.

    Anyway, there is a lot of work going on at the Racecourse at the moment, refurbishing concourses, etc, so the earliest we can go back there is next year. The problem is reaching an agreement on the price, it will probably still be out of our reach even if they are now willing to have us. The football club has been mismanaged for about 20 years and the new lot quite rightly, are concentrating on getting their own house in order first.

    The downside for us is that we could quite easily suffocate under all the hype surrounding the football club, and it will be good for us to get out of Wrexham for a while.

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  15. I think this was a mini tournament organised by the club for local schools. I don't really know much about it to be honest, but I do seem to remember it being held a couple of times at Cefn Druids football ground (where we played a few games in 2014 & 2015).

    Not aware of it taking place this year, and with the pandemic I'd be surprised if it did. Those who were involved in it have been incredibly busy reviving the amateur game in North Wales.

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