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  1. 9 minutes ago, Angelic Cynic said:

    There appears to be an athletics track at this venue.

    Do you know the number of seats available,or whether standing is allowed behind the posts?

    Difficult to guess from the photos on Google Maps.


    The main stand seats around 2,500 with open terracing for another 3,000 at either end of the stand, so all on one side of the pitch. On the opposite side there are hospitality boxes. Behind the goals there is a grass bank at one end and a gymnasium/indoor pitch at the other end.

    The stadium is located in a large municipal park. Some more info on Wikipedia.


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    Just been announced that North Wales Crusaders are moving to the 6,000 capacity Zip World Stadium (Eirias Park) in Colwyn Bay.

    The stadium is also home to RGC 1404 (the union equivalent of North Wales Crusaders) and also the home ground for the Wales A team for the rugby union six nations. So we are moving to North Wales premier rugby venue.

    I was disappointed to hear at a fans forum on Zoom earlier tonight that Wrexham Council have no interest in rugby league in the town whatsoever. On the other hand, Conwy Council are very keen to have us in Colwyn Bay.

    The news was positively received by fans on the forum and the players are by all accounts very excited about the move.


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  3. 2 hours ago, welshmagpie said:

    Is it still the plan to leave Queensway? I remember a football ground was touted a couple of years back? As good a place for NWC the ground may be, it’s not the best for spectators or attracting new fans.

    With most of the football clubs now having 3G pitches which are not suitable for rugby, we are basically stuck at Queensway for the foreseeable future. The only advantage is that it is cheap, very cheap. I think we are fortunate that it was developed as an athletics stadium in the early 1980s, otherwise we would have nowhere to play.

    I know the club want to be involved in the pilot scheme for the return of crowds in Wales. You would think ourselves and West Wales would be ideal candidates, as they are talking about crowds of between 200 and 1,000, but we will just have to wait and see. There is talk of possibly playing a home game in England, as it looks like we might be able to watch our team on English grounds but not on our home ground. 🙄

    It was reported in the local press a couple of months ago that the club are still keen to return to the Racecourse. It might be wishful thinking, but the football club is now under new ownership, but again we will have to wait and see if they are more accommodating than the Wrexham Supporters Trust, who alienated just about everyone who tried to work with them (including some of their own supporters).

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  4. Copied from the club website. Nice to see some co-operation with Wrexham RUFC.


    As part of the strategic development partnership between North Wales Crusaders and Wales Rugby League (WRL), Crusaders Reserves have relaunched as a WRL community club to be known as Wrexham Crusaders ARLFC.

    This rebrand is essential to interact with the local community in the Wrexham area and provide accessible rugby league for everyone.

    Wrexham Crusaders ARLFC will offer rugby league for women and men, plus junior age groups for both boys and girls, bringing the sport to a wider player base.

    The WRL community club will be part of North Wales Crusaders’ family and join the new North Wales rugby league structure alongside the likes of Flintshire Falcons, with a number of further announcements expected in the near future.


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  5. For the first time in years, more than half of our home games fall on my days off. Only problem is, what if the season starts behind closed doors?

    Our first two home games are against Hunslet and Workington, games which would normally see the crowd boosted by good travelling support. We have four home games in May and June, if they are behind closed doors it will have a serious effect on our income.

    For Rochdale and London, the lack of home games in those first two months could be a blessing in disguise, you could find crowds allowed back in time for the majority of your home games.

    Lets hope it won't be a problem for anyone, and delaying the season until May pays off.

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  6. North Wales Crusaders have announced an exciting strategic development plan with Wales Rugby League.

    This new, innovative partnership with the Wrexham-based club will see a jointly funded part time community coach help grow rugby league in North Wales, as well as build brand awareness and fan engagement for Crusaders as part of their return for investment plan with the Rugby Football League.

    There is already the support of two community clubs in North Wales. Flintshire Falcons are making a welcome return to the WRL community fold in 2021, while a new community side in Wrexham is also being formed. They will both run women's and men's open age teams, as well as boys' and girls' teams. The Wrexham community club will play in the same colours as North Wales and adopt the club badge. It is also hoped that new clubs will follow in Rhyl, Conwy and Bethesda.

    Full story on the link http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/growing-the-game-in-north-wales/


    Other announcements include season tickets on sale for 2021 and news of a magnificent fundraising effort for a local hospice (special mention for Rob Massam who raised more than £4,500 by completing 1,500 consecutive burpees!) http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/challenges-give-nightingale-house-a-big-boost/

    With all the talk about losing central funding and the disruption caused by the pandemic, it is great to hear the optimism coming from the club.

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  7. 10 hours ago, FearNothing said:

    err... isn't that what it was a couple of years ago with the "best of the bottom half" shield-thingy?? 

    I think the most obvious thing would be split the teams almost in half (13 ch and 10 L1) so have a 12+11 whichever way round, and even out the central funding a bit.... let's face it, the top Ch clubs have the support to make up for a bit less central funding anyway, and a more even funding split could well make both divisions more competitive and compensate the smaller league for fewer fixtures.

    My previous post was only a suggestion, to increase the number of games from 18 to 26 across the regular season. The balanced fixtures would retain the integrity of the competition and still give one of the bottom five a crack at the promotion playoffs.

    A complete contrast to the farce of a few years ago, where some clubs played more away games than others, some part time clubs were expected to fly across the Atlantic to play a full time club while others didn't, (and that was just the regular season), and we actually made a loss by reaching the shield final.

    Anyway, I thought this thread was about next year. Clubs have already assembled, or will be in the final stages of assembling squads based on the current league structure and current central funding. What on earth would be the point of putting clubs like ours in the same league as clubs who have probably spent as much on individual players as we have on our entire squad, and who's central funding alone will be at least twice our annual turn over?

    This has all come about because a Championship club could be promoted to make up the numbers in Super League, with a League 1 club then promoted to bring the Championship back up to 14.

    Back in 2013, there were just 9 teams in League 1, we finished as champions and were promoted ahead of our time, the following year we were relegated by another restructure and have struggled to recover ever since. I don't blame the League 1 clubs for putting this idea forward, at the end of the day, we always seem to be treated as an afterthought by those in the leagues above us, I just don't see this as a solution.

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  8. If there are 10 clubs in League 1 next year, how about all teams play each other home and away, then split the league into two groups of five, carrying the points forward into the split.

    Keep the playoff format the same as it is now (top six), with the top five playing home and away to decide the champions and playoff positions from second to fifth. The bottom five also play each other home and away with the highest placed team finishing sixth overall and taking the final playoff place.

    This would give a regular season of 13 home games, hopefully an exciting finish at the top and something for the bottom five to play for against similar standard opposition.

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  9. 11 hours ago, Gerrumonside ref said:

    Regional conferences look to be the way forward at this level and make sense for a variety of reasons.

    I’m not optimistic that next year will be anything other than a mix of teams C&L1 that can afford to get off the starting line - hope to be proved wrong.

    Not sure at all on the future of Ottawa or New York now in this post COVID-19 world barring some major medical breakthrough.


    Well, we're looking forward to next year, whatever form the league takes. Made our first signing for 2021 today.


    I don't mind if it goes to conferences, so long as League 1 has a viable future.

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  10. To be honest, I'm not all that up to date on the wider RL scene as I tend to focus more on supporting the club, but I do know there are some dedicated people out there trying to promote the game in North Wales.

    Most of the information out there is on social media (I'm not on facebook myself), but here's a couple of links.




    I think you're right about North Wales having potential. The one big advantage we have over other parts of Wales is that we are close to traditional RL towns in north west England. You only have to look at the North Wales Crusaders squad to see this.

    Our biggest disadvantage is not having a dedicated rugby league ground. I'm convinced that if we had a Championship standard ground (or even League 1 standard) complete with clubhouse, then this club would thrive and with it the wider game. If only we had a ground like Stebonheath (West Wales Raiders) in Wrexham.

    The union game is actually growing in North Wales. The regional team based in Colwyn Bay are regularly attracting the size of crowds we used to get at the Racecourse. The six nations "A" internationals are also played in Colwyn Bay in front of large four figure crowds. They have been fortunate in that the WRU have the resources to back them, and good luck to them.

    I still think there's room for us though.

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  11. 56 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    The Toronto v Saints London Series game (that was going to be at Saracens on 29 Feb) to be played at Warrington. Go figure.


    Not the only game affected.

    We've had a 50 seat supporters bus fully booked since before Christmas.


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