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  1. im sure someone from the club will see this so lets see what comes from it. but when its 17 pound entery this isnt acceptable when people are using their hard earned money to watch them and they repay us by doing this no wonder people turn away
  2. if they dont make an example of Dec and the others out then in my opinion then they can all go out on a saturrday night and be fine with it
  3. i totally agree. yes he is young etc but he is getting paid and paid well when there is local players that would bite at the opportunity that he has but the club for some reason love Dec yet another reason why he wont be disciplined where another club they would discipline him. makes seem like a big joke
  4. His let himself down here massively on Sunday as well as a few players who were out till 4 o'clock Sunday morning trying to get a taxi home from Workington town centre and he was brought back to the club as people respect him is a bit of a joke in my opinion. no wonder we got beat all over the park roll on next season already
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