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  1. The one big difference to Canberra this year is Bateman.I have been a Raiders supporter since they started so have been through the highs & lows.I also follow the Super League & was delighted when Canberra signed Bateman. It’s been no coincidence that Wigan struggled without him early this year and couldn’t believe that this was overlooked by the so called experts in England.I am also mates with Mick Robinson ex Castleford/ Wakefield football manager who was of the belief that John in his words great player but to small to be a success in Oz which I strongly disagreed with and take great delight in ringing every couple of weeks to  hear him say yes I was right and he was wrong.People sometimes forget that the most important part of a footballer is what’s between their ears not there size - the guy is never beaten competes on everything hates being beaten  and they rub off the on everybody else around them and hence the improved resilience of the raiders 




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