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  1. nice to see town and leon making the headlines on bbc rugby league website UTT
  2. nearly 60 thommo old lad ha ha just about there myself
  3. Fantastic signing well done everybody imvolved Danny could well be the player who gels the team and gets a few extra percent out of everyone in the squad Roll on next season UTT
  4. great news After seeing Karls reaction after Swinton match there was only one club he was going to sign for Hope he has an injury free season UTT
  5. was going to go to all 3 test but after the way the RFL has treated my team Workinton TOWN we wont be giving them our hard earned cash.
  6. Is this correct cant see anything about it anywhere else. If so what is admission price for adults Cheers
  7. We go grand final every year so its no problem going to Swinton on way home on Sunday Just wish it was that easy for any players that have given there all this season and are going on a well deserved holiday. Hope we can put a competitive team out on the day and do our club proud Best wishes to whoever wears the blue and white on Sunday Give the BOD , Leon and yourselves what is deserved Championship next season UTT
  8. The weekend just got more expensive for us coming from Workington on friday and calling at Swinton on Sunday to watch TOWN hopefullyreach the championship if we can raise team
  9. Wigan to win with a top performance from John Bateman who should win man of steel award after Barbas pathetic defensive performance last night
  10. Is there any information on dates and kick off times for the play off matches Cant find anything on rfl site which isn't surprising
  11. Very good showing on Rugby AM Well worth watching LEON seems very committed to the Town cause UTT
  12. If Town defence same as Sunday cant see Newcastle scoring 30pts
  13. just been reading Doncaster v Town being streamed on our league Good for anyone who cant make the match UTT
  14. would be very surprised if London let sammut go but very pleased if he returned
  15. can we stop biting our nails now or will town let them back into it
  16. being a town fan aint easy certainly ages us all every match
  17. hopefully have players back that missed last match plus Fui Fui which will mean a TOWN win
  18. Wait till we see the 19 man squad
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