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  1. No opportunity it's to say both i believe we should have England for WC every four years and a four nations Four years the years between are full series and tours playing as GB when we tour as GB the England knights or u23s play a European championship against the home nations plus France so year one- World Cup as England etc year two - Aussie tour as GB with European championship for England knights Andy other home nations year three - four nations as England etc year four - NZ tour UK - repeat European championship Repeat
  2. To be fair when we first went to England everyone kept saying GB, now I realise this is sad as it shows we have lost consciousness of the GB concept what damage has this done to the casual viewer from other nations?
  3. True, we often used to joke about this years ago, but for me the GB shirt is iconic, it means a lot to the players and is a genuine opportunity for those eligible for Wales, Ireland and Scotland to play at the top level in a GB shirt, leaving them to also represent their home nation The tour wasn't great but that's nothing to do with the shirt we played in, it would have been the same had we played as England this seemingly contempt for GB by Bennet is ridiculous and this mindset harms the GB concept this hasn't done untold damage I find those thoughts extreem, sadly the awareness for international game isn't as high as the club game four nations doesn't allow full series or world cups playing as a home nations or European comp as England wouldn't be competitive enough and the clubs and players who play SL wouldn't be engaged
  4. It didn't clearly affect his impartiality, that's only your assumption based purely on an error by the ref. The RFL shouldn't apologise for your or anyone else's assumptions, what if s different fan, such as me thinks he was impartial and just made an error? Why didnt the club complain before the game is the bigger question, they only mentioned it after they lost
  5. Some really good discussion on the development of players in the home nations, and the commendable work that goes on in terms of the OP, its apparent some value and like the GB brand and concept and some dont i very much do, I believe it's the pinnacle for our players and is iconic, historic and recognisable. I understand others don't have the same affiliation as I do, no end of posts will change either view
  6. Well obviously I don't know the by name, but all the same sources you see people saying it should come back if it's as popular as you say, are you seriously suggesting the powers thought, hang on this is excellent and everyone likes it, let's drop it? What's their motivation for removing something if it was liked, successful and respected ? Im not saying I didn't like it, just that many sources said it wasn't working
  7. Lots of negativity around it, wasn't respected, struggle for a competitive fourth nation, poor engagement. people said they wanted three tests against the same team to build momentum rather than one off games
  8. Yes he didn't go to the screen and he should have players dropped the ball and shouldn't have Wrong doing of McManus backing his players when he should have brought them out in public to apologise for their wrongdoing fact is, refs shouldn't be publically humiliated, just like anyone in employment. It may make fans feel better who are calling for blood over a ref errro, but human dignity determines that any discussions are done in private. People mistake the lack of public humiliation with nothing happening, that's entirely their assumption based solely on suspicion we struggle for officials as it is, don't make their job harder than it already is players make errors, I don't what be them being humiliated either the ref messed up in the 4th minute of a game, it didn't lose saints the game, lose with dignity
  9. Ok, in his mind he was sure he hadn't got it down so didn't go to the screen this was an error meeting over
  10. Refs always make mistakes, should this explanation be required after every game? what explanation is expected? I didn't think he got it down so didn't go to the screen. It would take 10 seconds
  11. From memory it included France but not England and ran for a few seasons id support this of it will included Welsh players rather than filled with English, the standard would Ben less at Dorset but its developing Welsh players rather than the English SL players in a different shirt
  12. It's quite simple,99% of rugby fans in Wales follow RU, some will have a passing interest in league. If we are referring to players,then 100% of Welsh rugby league players will, I suspect aspire to play for Wales and GB. It's just that the pool will be small, so the point stands you won't grow this small pool if you remove the pathways.
  13. I just don't see it being supported. If it's not competitive then it wouldn't gain respect or interest. there was a Euro comp with France, I really enjoyed this comp, what happened to it?
  14. That's very defeatist, the Welsh available players would be interested very much so, but they have to be good enough if we want them interested you don't manage it by eliminating them and denying progression pathways
  15. Don't want to repeat myself but which SL teams would support this?
  16. Or have both? Wales playing regular against similar teams at their level, using the opportunity to gain a slot in the GB team at a higher level, I don't think a GB team stops development in Wales, just enhances it
  17. They have tried and continue to try but the Welsh prefer RU. We only got Welsh into GB because we were professional and they weren't. So we can blame RFL or anyone we care to point a finger at but RL in Wales is very small and will always be. Yes we can improve the standard of that small percentage but not to a level that will consistently challenge England. If the RFL invested half their available budget there would soon be people complaining they are wasting money. so it's nothing to do with not being arsed, it needs to be achievable and within budget i feel this wish of a consistently competitive Welsh RL team is well meaning but not likely in the grand scheme of things. Competitive at their level against similar nations yes but not the big four
  18. Tonga story is brilliant i don't think you would get a full England team, clubs would be against it and little motivation for players
  19. What a strong and intelligent argument you put forward
  20. How many non English players though? Still predominantly English, the professional game is predominantly English, it's pretty much all England. Other home nations contain mainly English heritage players, it makes no difference when representing GB. The only people who've mentioned it's mainly england are those looking to slag it off, it's GB because it represents all the Great Britain and Ireland. nobodys neglecting growth in other nations, but representing GB isn't harking back to the past, its following the proud footsteps of those who have represented the shirt before, from all home nations. I'd say those against a strong brand are holding the national game back by removing aspirations from all home nations, how do you inspire whilst withdrawing opportunity it's to represent GB?
  21. If seven year olds instantly recognise it then it's a great job you could say the same about instagram twitter Facebook etc. Instantaly recognisable
  22. I like it this is how modern branding often looks, it looks like an app good branding needs to be recognised from the shape at a glance, doesn't need lots of info
  23. It would obviously be better if it had a spread of nationalities. There are a few knocking on the door but yes it's pretty much an English centred sport so naturally there's more English. With the exception of Welsh union converts how many other nationalities have ever played? I suspect very few and this didn't harm the brand and success before the aWelsh schoolboys beat England In RL just the other year, so it's not that there isnt opportunity it has for growth. GB helps those young Welsh players with their aspirations for future potential to play in competitive international at the top grade. i have a friend who is Welsh and a big RU follower and casual RL follower. He contacted me about GB lions game but had never mentioned internationals before to my knowledge. So it shows me it does have reach. its chicken and egg, if you wait to have lots of home nations playing at a level to consider a GB team then we will never have one in my lifetime, if you create one you've more chance of having those players aim for it. i don't see any significant additional cost to touring as GB rather thanEngland so see no disadvantage. GB generates more media coverage, maybe not significant but it's an easier sell and a historic brand many professional players aspire towards without doubt GB is a positive historic and recognised brand in a sport with little exposure, we should exploit this opportunity
  24. Shame the saints lads couldn't play but I'm sure their Aussie tour made up for it
  25. I grew up watching GB and like many others was disappointed when we started playing as england it doesn't matter if every player is English, they play to represent GB, in terms of promoting the sport it's an easier sell id prefer both, tour as GB, play world cups as home nations then its aspirational to aim for the GB shirt and creates more teams representing more home nations in world cups etc. i like the idea of a Euro championship but wouldn't send first England team, it wouldn't work mid season and would t work if England won every year, people and players would lose interest, maybe play under 23s we all want the international game to be strong, but with Aussie not interested it's difficult to grow or even get a good consistent calendar, maybe tonga have shuck things up a little?
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