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  1. How much say did he have in the signings? they had no recent success so wee struggling to attract the best young players, buying playing a little older were suppose to be something to build on and bring quicker success it didn't work to the extent they expected, and it got worse when they got rid of nobby, had they kept faith and built more slowly they would have benefited from the stability it took a while for them to work that out and look at them now
  2. He looks quick to me, I've often though Leeds are missing a bit of that in their team, so could be the right type of player for them
  3. I think nobby offered the stability Salford needed at the time, so much change so quickly unsettled the team imo
  4. I was told they had sold a couple of thousand tickets before the semi finals as the link above states it's unfortunate but there were two teams either side of the Pennines so they weren't to know who would make it
  5. Yes he was badly advised and signed some talented yet troubled players, imo getting rid of Nobby was a mistake. I don't think he would make the same mistakes again, I'm sure he would do far better next time round and could be good for a sleeping giant or new club if the background was right
  6. That's a great advertising idea, tweet a photo. It looks well supported already, if they get 65k plus as predicted I think it's a great effort considering it's a so called 'small' team in the final, Salford a erged 2.5k last year, I hope there's a legacy here and their crowds increase. Either way lots of respect to Ian Watson, Ian's Blease and the Salford club
  7. I watch quite a lot of amateur rugby league and this is very rare, certainly compared to the standards of previous decades. The top amateur leagues have very good players and is a very good standard, some younger age groups have some troubles but nothing like it was So I don't say no the modern amateur game doesn't have an image problem, these are isolated incidents and should be harshly punished to discourage future repeats
  8. Yes it's a big powerhouse of economy North American sports, not without its risks I imagine. with the gains being so potentially large it's difficult for RL to ignore, yes there are barriers but ones we can overcome to take advantage of the rewards. whether this will be a thing will in five years I've no idea, my suspicion is yes the Wolfpack are here to stay, whether that's in SL or their own North American League I don't know, exciting new times though
  9. Hi all, first post here inreally fancy a trip to Toronto so looking forward to it already
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