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  1. Don't know what the general feeling is amongst Championship fans but so far the feedback in Halifax seems to be split between just going to the Fax v Batley game or giving it a miss all together.
  2. https://halifaxpanthers.co.uk/panthers-news/ticket-news-panthers-vs-knights/
  3. Connor has a broken foot and will be out for around 6-8 weeks. His place was taken by Scott Grix against Sheffield and had a good game.
  4. "Poor Fax team?" Toulouse, who I believe are the strongest team in the Championship, have only conceded 40 points so far and 34 of those were scored by Fax! Our form so far has been a bit erratic but, having lost 3 out of 5, we still have a points difference of +54 and IIRC have the 3rd best attack and the 6th best defence so far. We can't be that poor.
  5. Not having a pop here, just asking a question. What have Finn and Sykes played like so far? They have both been decent players over the years and have bags of experience but It only struck me the other day that Finn is 37 and Sykes is 39. That is pretty old for any pro RL player but particularly for a halfback pairing.
  6. The last feller who tried to do it, I seem to remember, was a gentleman called Claude Balls.
  7. With all that is going on in the US at the moment I think it's a bit rich having a go at us. One lie after another from their (ex) president has made them the laughing stock of the world
  8. Now you're getting it! It built up enough attention.
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