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  1. Cheer up Shrewsbury, another Hornet's fan here in peace! I'm 100% certain than after Sunday evenings game, Hornet's will not be underestimating Lock Lane. However, it was a bit of a perfect storm (literally) moment for them when they played you lot. They needed the weather to be a leveller, which it was. They needed to be on top of their game, which they certainly were, and they needed Oldham to under perform, which they did with an almost world class performance of ineptness.

    Obviously, on their own ground with a vociferous crowd behind them, the game will certainly not be a "gimme" for Hornets, but if it's a dryish track and Hornet's are able to put out a decent 17 (against Midlands Hurricanes we were missing 4  forwards who would be in our starting 17, plus Rangi Chase), then I am as confident as you can be being a Hornet's fan, that we shall overcome!

    Other than Swinton, who's squad looks the strongest in the Division, it's a pretty even competition, West Wales notwithstanding ,  I reckon that there's a promotion place is up for grabs , and Oldham will be competitive at least!




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