Forward pass technology set to be rejected by NRL

THE NRL is set to reject forward pass technology for the near future.

The league had trialled technology in 2023 in match balls that would have seen forward passes picked up more consistently.

But they will not be introducing it for the 2024 season, with NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo revealing why.

“This has been debated forever. It’s about the balance. We have to get the decisions right but equally the flow of the game,” Abdo told The Daily Telegraph.

“I don’t see that changing any time soon in terms of the current set up. We don’t want to tweak the rules too much. We need to respect there is a flow in the game.

“I don’t think we are going to be introducing anything soon until the point where we are not trading off the continuity of the game.”

As things stand, neither the bunker in the NRL nor video referees in Super League can rule on forward passes.

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