Halifax release squad numbers

Halifax RLFC have announced their squad numbers for the 2016 season, with a number of notable changes.

Four of Richard Marshall’s six new signings have taken starting jerseys. Former Featherstone winger Will Sharp takes the number two jersey, halfback Gareth Moore shall wear number seven whilst Simon Grix and Jacob Fairbank shall wear number 12 and 13 respectively.

Former Warrington prop Gavin Bennion has been handed number 17 with former Sheffield centre Sam Smeaton taking number 20.

Meanwhile, a number of last years playing squad have new numbers for 2016. Ben Johnston has been handed the number one spot, James Saltonstall has swapped number 20 for the starting wing jersey of five whilst Aussie prop has been promoted to number eight.

The full squad numbers are as follows:

Halifax recently revealed their new kit for 2016.
Halifax recently revealed their new kit for 2016.
  1. Ben Johnston
  2. Will Sharp
  3. Steve Tyrer
  4. Ben Heaton
  5. James Saltonstall
  6. Scott Murrell
  7. Gareth Moore
  8. Mitch Cahalane
  9. Ben Kaye
  10. Luke Ambler
  11. Dane Manning
  12. Simon Grix
  13. Jacob Fairbank
  14. Adam Tangata
  15. Ryan Maneely
  16. Richard Moore
  17. Gavin Bennion
  18. Miles Greenwood
  19. Tommy Saxton
  20. Sam Smeaton
  21. Adam Robinson
  22. Connor Robinson
  23. Gareth Potts
  24. Andy Bracek
  25. Jake Eccleston
  26. Ed Barber
  27. Ross Divorty
  28. Joe Martin