Henderson not expecting deadline day signings at London

London head coach Andrew Henderson says it is unlikely that the Broncos will make another signing before the transfer deadline.

Henderson has been trying to bring in at least one more player to bolster his squad, but ultimately too many complications blocked a number of potential details.

“It doesn’t look likely to be honest,” Henderson told TotalRL.

“You never know on this final day, but I don’t think we’ll get anyone in for the eights. I felt like we needed one or two more to come in. We brought Jamie (Soward) in the other week, so I just wanted one more to give us some outside back cover, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. It’s not through a lack of trying, we identified a couple of people, but either the clubs aren’t willing to allow it to happen or it’s not the right fit for the player. It’s a bit disappointing, but we weren’t just going to bring anyone in

“It’s a bit disappointing, but we weren’t just going to go and get anyone if we were going to do that, they needed to be of the right quality and add value to the team, because that’s one reason we have our academy.”