Hull FC-Hull KR derby compared to Old Firm clash between Celtic and Rangers

THE Hull FC-Hull KR derby has been compared to the Old Firm clash between Celtic and Rangers as well as the rivalry between Liverpool and Everton by Hull chief executive James Clark.

Hull FC will be hosting KR in Round One of Super League on Thursday, 15 February in what promises to be a massive occasion to open the new season.

For Clark, he believes that it is “a special occasion” and has “shades” of the Old Firm derby between Glasgow arch-rivals Celtic and Rangers.

Speaking on”It’s a huge game anyway, but as a spectacle for the start of the season, there’s nothing better,” Clark said on TalkSport’s Hawksbee and Jacobs show.

“As an event, it’s got shades of the Old Firm (between Scottish football sides Celtic and Rangers) and Liverpool vs Everton—it’s a proper city rivalry. It splits families; people don’t talk for a week.

“We’ve had some pretty tasty contests in recent times and there is a lot riding on it, and the season has been set up really well. We’ve got the new deal with Sky; every match will be broadcast live. That’s fantastic for fans to access.

“For me, it’s the first game, a derby when it’s a packed house where you can’t hear yourself think, and the bit you get with rugby league that you don’t feel with football, are those two teams going hammer and tongs.

“Let’s be frank, you’ve got two teams going out to hurt each other, and that just creates such a dramatic thing to watch. It’s a special occasion, and to have that as the launchpad for the new season is fantastic.”

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