Ian Watson delighted with Salford players’ application during lockdown

Salford coach Ian Watson has praised his players for maintaining the club’s high standards during lockdown.

Players have been left to their own devices during the season’s suspension with all the squad on furlough.

Coaches across Super League have held concerns that some of their players may return in poor condition, but with clubs preparing to welcome back their talent soon, Watson is thrilled with the professionalism his players have displayed.

“We’re built on a work ethic anyway and the players drive that,” he said.

“All our staff are about work ethic and working hard for the team. That’s the mentality at Salford.

“They’ve maintained that, constantly pushing each other and to be successful that has to come from within them and I couldn’t praise them enough.

“The proof will be in the pudding but everyone has really bought in across the board, really adhered to the standards we’ve asked of them. I’m made up with what they’ve done to be fair.”