Interim Hull FC boss Simon Grix on Tony Smith and his reaction, potential rift in dressing room, his own future and Richie Myler

HULL FC are in yet another transition period as things currently stand.

With Tony Smith losing his job as head coach and assistant Simon Grix appointed as interim boss, the Black and Whites go into this weekend’s fixture with a brand-new look.

Hull currently find themselves second bottom in the Super League table having won just once in seven games – and Grix has reflected on the past week.

“It’s been chaotic, surprising and a bit uncomfortable to be honest. One man loses his job in these scenarios so we are all part of it,” Grix told BBC Radio Humberside.

“I’m feeling as everyone should be, guilty at the scenario. I was surprised, it’s not uncommon as it’s normally the coach that feels it in the end as the buck stops with them.

“For me, I came here to work with an experienced head coach with Tony Smith and I thought he was doing a good job of it. There is a long way to get this club back to where it should be.

“I’m disappointed, he was a mentor and friend to me but we have to get on with things.”

So how is Grix dealing with his new role and Smith’s exit?

“I’m dealing with it alright, I’m quite a neutral person. I’ve practiced at trying to get better at it, never getting too high or too low.

“We are getting on with the next part now which is getting on with the next game.”

The former Halifax boss has revealed how Smith has been feeling since his exit.

“He was good, there were mixed feelings on it. He was obviously very disappointed, he thought as much as we did that he had the time and tools to turn it around and that he had the experience to do so.

“We are not here to make those decisions, the people above do and his time is done with Hull FC at the minute, but it would be good to see him pop up somewhere else in the future.”

Grix, however, feels like Smith could not have done much more.

“I don’t think he could have done any more. Injuries, bans and other things, there are a lot of hurdles we need to knock down and it is unfortunate but the buck stops with the coach.

“The players have been ok, I hope like myself they feel a bit of guilt being part of that. We have had a couple of sessions and they have trained pretty well.”

The ex-forward was also asked whether or not there was a rift in the dressing room.

“It’s disappointing to hear that because Tony is a stand up bloke and he doesn’t like to talk behind peoples’ backs.

“If that was the case then there is a case in there of speaking your mind and speaking to people you might have an issue with, but I didn’t see any of that.

“You’ve got 40 blokes in a room and they will have different opinions. Like any other job, if there are 40 people in a room, I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with the person leading it or what each person thinks.”

Grix is currently the Black and Whites boss on an interim period, but that period could last until the end of the season.

“They are going through the process of getting a coach, we have had a few in recent times so I imagine they won’t be rushing things.

“I will potentially be head coach until the end of the year depending on how things play out with talking to people in the next few weeks.

Does Grix want the Hull job on a permanent basis?

“For me personally I came to work with Tony and if the club goes down the line of an experienced coach then I am happy to see how that plays out.

“But, personal ambition, I would love to be a head coach again at some point. I do feel comfortable doing that but it won’t be my decision in the end.”

Of course, more change has followed this week with former Leeds Rhinos and York Knights veteran Richie Myler joining as director of rugby.

“I see him bringing fresh ideas, James Clark (chief executive) and Adam Pearson (owner) have been doing the rugby side of thing between them for a long time so it’s a fresh pair of eyes.

“Richie is well connected, he had a good career, understands the game and I don’t understand how it can be a bad thing.

“Everyone has got to start somewhere. He has got to be given a chance and he can be judged down the track if he is doing a good job.”

“Richie has that enthusiasm coming in from a new perspective. He will get on with his job.”

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