Moore maps out plans for Bradford Bulls takeover

One of the potential new owners of crisis club Bradford has spoken of his plans to help the Bulls recover via ‘community shares’.

Mark Moore, who was previously the club’s chairman, is understood to be one of six consortiums wishing to acquire the Bulls.

Moore, who does not wish to reveal the identity of his fellow consortium members, has told League Express how he plans to recover the club by offering the sale of shares in return for a level of power within the Odsal club.

“We believe this is the correct way forward for the club and we are looking to gauge whether or not supporters would be interested in such a scheme,” said Moore.

“Rochdale and Hunslet are currently being operated in a similar way and we fully support the idea.

Mark Moore- Chairman Bradford Bulls 2014 headshots. ts
Mark Moore- Chairman

“It is about going back to basics. You have to stop chasing the dream in a short period of time and make the club a more sensible prospect.

“It is not about egos, it about getting a club that the supporters can love and trust again.”

The club’s holding company, Bradford Bulls Northern Ltd, is understood to be carrying debts of close to £1 million.

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