Stone: Brough needs to recharge

Huddersfield head coach Rick Stone has admitted that halfback Danny Brough is ‘immobilised’ after playing in the Four Nations.

Brough admitted that he was busted up after Scotland’s draw with New Zealand earlier this month, and has been receiving treatment for injuries around his foot area.

Stone, who is at the centre of a big piece in the new League Express, admitted that his experienced halfback needed some time off.

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“Broughy’s got a few bumps and bruises he has to get over,” Stone said.

“He has got a bit of a tear there around his heel, in a small muscle in his foot.  He’s basically immobilised for a while, but he’s off for a little rest anywhere. He’s been coming in and getting some treatment. He’s having a little holiday and will be back in early December.

“He probably needs a bit of a recharge, as does Jerry, some of those boys that have been in that intense Four Nations situation.

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