RFL chase £300,000 from Super League to bin promotion

The RFL are seeking for a figure in the region of £300,000 from Super League in order to officially call off promotion.

The two executive bodies have been locked in negotiations for several weeks, with the RFL keen to receive a fee from Super League to help fund an Autumn competition later this year.

Promotion and relegation is expected to be officially scrapped this week, with the RFL confirming a decision on that, as well as the status of the Championship and League 1 season, by no later than July 23rd.

There is an acceptance that promotion and relegation will definitely be called off but there is a growing belief lower league clubs will play again at some point this year, with the prospect of crowds being allowed raising demands to play.

Super League are desperate for promotion and relegation to be removed for financial reasons. Not only do Toronto not command any Sky money, meaning the funding is split by one less team, they would also not have to fork out the £500,000 parachute payment.

As a result, the RFL have asked for a fee from the top-flight to act as a sweetener.

The majority of Super League clubs have no issue providing a significant six-figure fee, but on the basis it used as prize money for a meaningful competition, and not to give clubs extra money while they’re inactive.

Many lower-league clubs, predominantly those chasing promotion, are unhappy about the situation and would rather promotion still be obtainable.

The RFL were keen to keep their options open on how the money should be spent, whether it be to help fund the costs of returning or otherwise. Super League, however, insist, they must play for them to pay.

A deal isn’t thought to have been struck, but either way, promotion and relegation will officially be off come Thursday.