RFL to reveal distribution policy to clubs

A decision on the spread of Championship and League 1 distribution money is set to be decided this week, with a repeat of last season’s funding likely to remain in place.

Clubs have been discussing how the money should be split after the seasons were declared null and void and alternative options were put on the table, including a straight split of the funding.

However, it appears the distribution will be split based on 2019 league standings.

Clubs receive incremental rises for each position they move up the table, though the gulf is much smaller than it was during the Super 8s era, when making the Qualifiers brought in a significant amount of extra funding.

Clubs now have to fulfil a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) to access funding, with onfield performance not being as significant as it was previously.

Clubs have been asked to consider their stance on the matter and have been given a week to give feedback on the model tabled. However, it is expected that clubs will accept that the distribution will be as it was, though small percentage rebates, which line up with those taken by Super League, are expected to be in place.

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