Sandow will suit Super League, insists Tony Smith

Ahead of his debut for Warrington in Super League tonight, the Wolves coach Tony Smith has thrown his weight behind the half-back, saying his style will suit that of Super League.

Sandow has been backed to succeed in the English game by Smith after signing a deal until the end of 2017, with Smith saying that his attack-minded philosophy should reap rewards in Super League.

Smith said: “He’s well appreciated by a lot of people in Australia – they love watching him play.

“I’m one of those people; they like his style and his approach and the way he plays the game. Some coaches can be conservative and want to complete but there’s some of us who still like to see some risk-taking, intuition and things out of the ordinary. I’m certainly one of those.

“He reads play and takes teams on and he can create tries, so he’ll bring the creativity we’re looking for. We need a bit of that; sometimes we’ve been a bit off in our attack and we haven’t been as potent as we need to be. He’ll add some of that. He was one of the top assist makers in the NRL this year which shows he’s right up there.”